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i'm just wondering- and this may be a silly question- but where exactly do rabbits get there fiber from? i'm asking because recently one of my rabbits will not eat her pellets. she's been to the vet and went on meds but still doesn't want to eat her food! i've bought like 6 different types and she rejects them all now! she used to love them.

anyway! she eats her timothy hay like crazy - she loves it! but that's really all she'll go for. she'll nibble at a couple pieces of Kaytee Rainbow Exact food but not much. plus she'll eat her papaya tablet and some raisins.

i'd like to know if any other foods can offer her fiber, does she get fiber from her hay? i just don't know! i have another vet appointment on tuesday but am curious if anybody has any info about fiber or anything.

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Not an expert.

But ...... here come my two cents, they get most of thier fiber from the hey. That is why it is very important to allow the wabbit to have unending supply of hey. That not only gives them fiber but it helps the digestion prosses. Also helps keep away any blockages that can occure.
Well thats my knowldge and I know for sure there will be other that will have additional info for you.
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My vet told me that a rabbit live a healthky life on Timothy alone. Many vets now recomend Timothy based pellets. Your rabbit should do just fine without pellets and I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as she is eating the hay.
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Pellets are a nice treat, but wild rabbits live just fine without them. So should indoor rabbits, i think.
Pellets contribute a significant amout of bunny's daily calories, so if you don't use them, you have to make up for those calories with extra vegetables and fruits. Most vegetables (especially leafy greens) are also very high in fiber - good for you too, not just your bunny
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Like posted above, they get most of their fiber from hay. In my opinion, rabbits can do just fine without long as they have unlimited access to hay and make up for the absence of pellets with tons of fruits and veggies. You could also give some oats.


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thanks everyone so much for your replies! i'm sooo glad shes geting fiber from the hay! that's really good to hear. i'm trying to get her to eat her veggies more - she's so fussy! but she seems happy and never seems hungry so i can see how hay is the most important part of a bunnies diet.

thanks again for all the info/advice!
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timothy hay

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