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Yeah, it's 6 - 8 weeks. They can still have live sperm and get a female pregnant for up to 2 months.

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I am so sorry for your loss
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indifferent behaviour

Thanks all for yr kind words. I have learnt in life and it is my motto,;'Don't worry about something you cannot change!!' goes on even though Barney will remain in my memories.U know I seem to recall the times I wwas cross with him more than the times I was happy with him.Must b a guilt thing I guess.

In the past,I had kept Betty and Fred in the same cage as Betty seemed to get along with Fred and definately not Barney.But as Fred reached puberty,I cud c Betty having trouble with him as well. Now Barney is away,do I keep them together in a cage at night or separately?? The problem is that Wilma cosies up near Betty and Fred is left all alone now...

Even in the cage when I tried to keep them together once a few days ago, tehy were fine.UNTIL Betty saw me in the room.(I was hiding and watching them...) Then he started chasing Fred around the cage until I scolded him.THen he stopped for a few secs and then continued.As soon as I was out of sight, they were fine again. Even when they r running free in the room,it feels sad to c Fred alone al the time...I was hoping that by keeping them in the same cage they cud become friendsnow that they were both neutred!!

Any suggestions??
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Exclamation Wilma has little buns

I am glad now that I did not have Wilma sprayed at the same time.
1) I was not too sure the vet knew what he was doing
2) I suspected she may b pregnant.Dont know why but.I guess they werent as particular abt keeping the genders apart.

This morning Wilma pulled feverishly to loosen someo f her fur. But she has sone this in the past also.This afternooninto a corner.When I returned to the room,I went to clear up afer her only to find there were 5 little squirming darlings there amognst some hay she had pulled fm another location and some fur.There was one still born bun also.

I was shocked and yet cud not contain my joy.Wilma was fine,roaming the room etc.I think Betty knew something was up.

Remembering from somewhere that Males can attack the children,I have delicately lifted the towel alng with the buns and some hay and the loose hair and moved them to Wilma's cage.I have moved

PLS ADVISE WHAT ELSE I SHUD DO!! Any special dietary requirements? Any special bedding etc?? Now that they r here,I want to take the best care of them.Pls advise me urgently. THks.
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Wow Summer18! How exciting!

When Eloise had babies, which were also a bit of a surprise, we just left her to it. Tried not to touch the babies unless necessary (e.g. to put back in the nest). Having said that, my research revealed that rabbits do not reject their young if touched by, and therefore smelling like, humans. So while we didn't hold them all day long, we didn't worry if we did pick one up either.

She was so good at looking after them - they opened their eyes after about a week and it didn't take long for them to start crawling out of the nest. They started eating solid food when they were ready - had a go at some straw and pellets. The only thing we were cautious of was to make sure that all the babies were being fed by mum. And they were - we just watched that no one seemed to be being pushed out of the nest etc. It's so amazing. I think you'll find that Wilma knows what to do - best to leave her to it unless there seems to be a problem, in my view, although I'm not a vet!

Hope all goes well - you'll have such a great time watching them grow! (Also hope you'll be able to post pictures one day!)
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