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First Foster Bun

Well I have a new foster bunny. She was rescued from a kill shelter. I think one of the guys there was planning on her being dinner. This is my first time fostering. I have two of my own but never fostered one. The lady at the Bunny Rescue told me to keep it out of site of my two so she is in the sunroom by herself. I feel guilty for not spending a lot of time with her but the lady said not to otherwise I would get attached. Does anyone with foster buns have any advise? She uses her litterbox very well but then digs out all the litter. Any advise on that as well?
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Will It Ever Change?
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all i can say is you have two buns, so you know what you're doing. the foster bun deserves your attention as much as your own buns. that's all i have lol

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I would spend time with the new foster just as much as you do with your other buns.
As mulder said she needs attention just a much if not more, she has never had a good home and its time to have a taste of what the rest of her life will be....
As far as the litter box goes I have never had that before. What are you using in the litter box?
Hope all goes well and good luck finding her a good home.
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I think part of fostering is socialization. You just have to go into fostering in the frame of mind that this isn't my animal I am taking care of it until the right forever home comes along. That's jmo. Congrats!!
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Sounds to me like the lady at the rescue should be slapped. No offence or anything but your foster will also need your care and love. Of course you'll get attached but things like this happen in fostering, there is no way to prevent it. Not giving this bunny your attention like you do your own bunnies won't help any.
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I think it's wonderful you are fostering! I don't see anyway not to become attached to her. Spend as much time as you can with her.
As for the litter - how deep is the box? I have litter boxes that are pretty deep and they do kick out poos but not too much litter. I use the wood pellet litter do it's heavy. I don't think my two try to kick out the litter - they like to get into trouble in other ways.

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Well I am attached. She hasn't met my two and they haven't met her but they all know the others are there. I try to spend time with her but I don't have a lot so I let her out of her pen and she comes in the kitchen with me while I make dinner. She seems to be much happier. She did a binky last night and I got bunny sugar. I don't think she has been abused I just think she hasn't had a lot of contact with humans. She will climb on me and lay her head down when I pet her. She even seems to enjoy my son petting her. Of course he is very gentle with her. She has a little agression problem but it is only in her space. Nothing big.
She is doing much better with the litter. I gave her a digging box and that seemed to help. She still uses the litter box extremely well. I just wished I could get the two I already have to use it as good as she does.
We have named her Bambi. She has the biggest brown eyes and eye lashes. I don't think I will have a rough time letting her go as long as I know she will be taken care of. I still send the lady who fostered my rescued rabbit video's so she can see how the rabbit is doing. So I think if I knew then it would be okay.
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litter box, litter boxes

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