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Forgetful little bunnies...

My bunnies and I have moved around quite a lot this year, and I've noticed that when we move in to our new home, during the first few weeks they are SOOO good about using the litter box. Then, as they start getting more and more comfortable in their new surroundings more accidents start happening. Ronan has peed on my bed twice already. MY BED!!! This has to stop. We are moving again in September. This time I want them to keep up their good behavior. Any ideas how I can do that?
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I think what's happening with your buns is that in the beginning, they were still a bit timid and scared about their new territory. Now that they have gotten used to it and settled, they are more comfortable and can go around marking what's theirs.
Have you tried using old, or new, carpet squares where your rabbits can mark their territory? You can cut 12 by 12 inch pieces and place them strategically around the room, or wherever else they are leaving...presents.
You could also watch them like a hawk, and before they have a chance to pee, scoop them up and place them in their litter box. Good luck!
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i know exactly how you feel! i made the mistake of putting my rabbit's cage up high and level with my bed so she would feel safe but would also be able to jump out of her cage onto my bed to get down to the floor. however! she decided that my bed was where the bathroom was and she has peed on my bed SO many times as well as everything else! finally - after washing my comforter 7 days a week- i had to buy a vinyl tablecloth and put it over my bed during the day and also put a big litter box against the wall. she now uses the litter box but it still sucks because i have to keep it on my bed at all times beacuse my older rabbit refuses to be caged at all now.

eventually i think i'm going to have to buy a bunk bed and sleep on the top level just to escape the situation. LOL
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Oh my! And I thought I had it bad....You know, they say litter training is so easy - all you have to do is put the poos in the litter box, and they will immediately understand that that's the bathroom. It's a lie. It's all a big lie!!! I mean, you love them anyway, but still, it's so annoying cleaning up all those leaks and spills, especially from absorbent materials. Good thing my next apartment has only tile. And from now on they are not allowed on my bed.
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