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Funny story!

So I thought that Aphrodite had something wrong with her! She had some spots on her belly and I was nervous so I took her to the pet store (we are regulars they know us there) I told him something was wrong with her on her belly! Well he looked at her and asked me if I was serious? I then thought wow this is not a girl bun this is a boy isn't it?? He said yes! But he was the one that told me she was a girl back when I bought her! (I mean him! LOL )

So now I have a boy bun named Aphrodite (Goddess of love) I really want to change his name now but I think he might know his name!

Other problem is that I haven't gotten either of my buns fixed and Maia my other bun is supposedly a girl but I am going to take her back up to get her checked too! I don't see any male parts so I really think she is a girl! But they are 4 months old and I might already have buns on the way!

Bad part is these are my first buns I am not ready to be a bun grandma yet! HAHAHAHA but I know the pet store can help me! They are great and a walk from my house!

What are the first signs of a pregnant bun?? Can anyone help me! I don't want to separate them they love each other and they were both sad when I took the one to the pet store for about 15 mins! So for now I am just going to keep them together! I just have to find a vet to take them to get one of them fixed for now! Which one is better to get fixed??

LOL so just thought that I would share this funny story with you all! (Oh and the buns aren't brother and sister so at least that is good)
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I would personally get them both fixed, it reduces the chance of cancers and is just so beneficial to a bunnies health.
If not both, and If you don't want baby bunnies, i would get her done ASAP. Otherwise if baby bunnies do come I feel it is the pet store you bought them from's responsibility to take the baby bunnies and find them homes. They screwed up.

Pregnant rabbits will pull hair from their bodies and build nests. Not many even show signs of being pregnant until they are ready to give birth.

Good luck.

PS: You could call him Alphie now?
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I was thinking she should call him Alphie too! I love that name.
Neutering is less invasive for a male - but it's a very good idea to get girl bunnies spayed because of the high rate of cancer in female bunnies.
I would separate them immediately but keep their cages side by side until you can get one or both fixed.

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Thumbs up

Thank you both Kathy and Andrea for the help! I am going to get them both fixed but how old do they need to be?? For now I was thinking of getting one fixed at a time! Or would it be better for them both at the same time?

Also about separating them they get along so well and I really don't want to separate them right now, so I think fixing one of them so they can still be together (of course after they are healed!

Also what about boys and girls getting along I have heard that its really hard to keep a boy and girl bunny together. They say the same sex is better? If I fix them will that help them to get along better as they get older?

I really just want to say thank you all for all the help! I really love this forum! You are all great and make it a place I want to be at everyday! One of the best around!!! Good times!
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They say the same sex is better?
Actually mixed pairs are better! It's usually easier to bond a male and a female then it is two males or two females.

If you do have a girl, I would get her fixed first, or get them both done together. The surgury is usually a little tougher on the girls because it's more invasive - but it's also more important to have girls fixed since they have a high chance of developing cancers when not fixed.

Most vets recommend to get them fixed I think between 4 and 6 months, or when they become sexually mature. The males you can have fixed as soon as their testicles become visable. It's best to do it when they're still relatively young if you can, because the older ones can sometimes have more complications with the anesthesia.

So is Aphrodite going to be Alphie now, or something else? If you wanted to rename him, I bet it wouldn't take to long for him to learn his new name.

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Personally I would get them both fixed at the same time if possible especially if they are so closely bonded. They would be together at the clinic and the recouperating time would be over relatively at the same time. And then they would be ready to be put back together.
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I have had/have same sex pairs, both males and females. My two female sisters were not that well bonded though they lived together for 5 years of their life. I have two males who are very bonded to one another, and they are not related and not the same age. It is actually harder to bond same sex unrelated pairs then different sex pairs.

I have found that spaying/neutering a rabbit at a younger age (under a year) to be much less traumatic to their little bodies, in other words the younger they are (4-6 months) the faster they heal afterwards. Older rabbits seems to take more time to heal and need more rest and special attention.
Neutering however is a very simple process and all my boys have been playing and eating as soon as the anesthetic wears off.
Always try and find a Vet in your area who has performed the procedure on a rabbit successfully before.

Good Luck.
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oooo im kinda getting scared now> im getting my babies fixed soon and now im scared how their gona take it
so can anybody who had their rabbits neu. before tell me how it goes. ( i was gona open a new thread for this but ow will) so can anyone tell me how long the operation is, do they have to stay after the surgery or can we take them home right away? is their a special medicine we have to give them. should i seperate them for a while???? any info will be appreciated. and if possible can u tell me how much it costed u ( hopefully under $500 lol)
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Thank you all for the advice! How can I tell if I have pregnant bunny already? Is there something to look for? I know some of you said that you can't tell sometimes until they are almost going to give birth but I really want to know how to tell! I already have at least 2 people that are telling me that they want bunnies if she is pregnant! So at least if she is I have 2 homes and since she is a dwarf and only about 4 months old I think that she might only have a 2 or something like that! She is still so small!

I don't know about a new name! We do Greek Mythology names and I want to stay with those names but I do like Alphie!! I was just calling him Afro or Dite!! Its so hard to call him a him! I have been calling him her all the time still! Our Lizard turned out to be a boy to we found that out a few months ago but I still didn't change him name its still Pandora! LOL Its hard when that has been there name since we have had these animals!

Thank you all soo much!!

I love this forum!!

Happy Friday!!!
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OK so this is even more funny then the story I first told! Now I finally got Maia to come out and let me hold her and pick her up! She is now a Boy too! So I won't be having babies! They are both boys! So now I need 2 new names! I was think Apollo and Hermes!

I can't believe that this pet store was wrong about both of them! It was 2 different people that told me they were girls! So its not just that the person couldn't tell its they were sooo wrong!

I am just happy that I have no babies coming!
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We had both our pet store and the breeder of our bunnies swear they were both boys.!!The one that turned out to be a girl was sexed by a vet who has been in practice for over 30 years and was the vet I used for my childhood bunnies, so I trust him. We made the appointment so he could do a well check before I made their nuetering appointments.....The day before we went my bratty Oliver started trying to mount his pal Leo. We assumed if one was going to be the girl it would be Leo.....Nope Oliver is the girl! ( I guess they can be more dominant, hence the mounting) We do not want to change her name either as she seems to already know it. We are calling her Oliva like make it sound more feminine. My daughter hates the name Olivia .........Feel free to send along any other name choices..........
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Lol I hear stories like this so often. I guess that when they are young, and their testicles haven't decended yet, it would be harder for someone to tell if they are boys or girls.

I really like the names Apollo and Hermes for them

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I think gender confusion is pretty common in rabbits, since its so hard to tell when there little unless you've had alot of experience.. our vet told us hoppity was a boy, so we thought he was for at least 6 months or more, then we took him to a lady that used to raise buns, cuz she said she would clip his nails and check his teeth for us.. then she said our baby boy didn't have any bits I kinda thought a few times he might have been a she.. but i figured the vet would know oh well, at least now her Diva bunny personality fits a little better

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Yeah I went to the pet store last night and told them I wouldn't be having baby buns b/c they are both boys! He said wow I guess we can't get it right! LOL I said its cool just hate to change there names!

Thanks Everyone for your stories! Makes me not mad at the pet store owner now! HAHA Seems to be common!!
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baby bunnies, pet store

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