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fuzzy feces - what to do?

I've read that bunnies are prone to intestinal blockages caused by fur and low-fibre foods clumping up. I try to feed my bunbuns a high fibre diet, but they also shed a lot and they don't fancy me brushing them too often. Recently I've noticed some fur in the poopies (from which bunny I don't know) but the fur sort of forms this link betweens poos and creates a little "poo chain". I'm wondering if this is an early warning sign that they might be ingesting too much fur. Has anyone else ever seen this?
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That happens with my rabbits also and I think it is pretty normal. The fact that your rabbits are passing the fur is a good thing. It is when they can't pass the fur that the problems happen. It sounds like you are doing everything right!
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It's interesting because when my rabbit Thimble had a blockage and i brought her into the emergency clinic, my vet asked if i had seen a lot of fur in her droppings- and the truth was that i HADN"T seen ANY fur in her droppings at all. And i think it was because she WASN'T passing any fur that she got blocked to the point where she wasn't passing anything at all!
So, as long as your rabbit is going to the bathroom as usual i'd go ahead and assume all is well with her. Some signs of a blockage are VERY small droppings, and not as many as normal.

Hope this helps...
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If your worried try Petromalt. it helps clear it up a bit. I give it to Coco.
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As well, fresh pineapple juice (in small quantities) will help to clear up any blockages. It has to be fresh because the canning procedure will destroy the enzyme that clears fur in your rabbits' systems.
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Thanks everyone. I suppose everything is well - I just wanted to double check.
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