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Gas and tucking leg

I noticed yesterday morning that Snow hadn't eaten all his pellets during the night. This is extremely odd since he pretty much inhales them everytime I give them to him. He didn't drink much either. He had been acting lethargic the night before and laying with his tummy on the ground. I figured he had just been tired. But after seeing he hadn't eaten as usual, I immediately made an appointment. The doctor said he had a little gas and his temperature was in the low end of normal, but still in normal range. She prescribed Metacam for pain, and Cisapride for the gut. He is not in Stasis since I did manage to get him to eat carrots and lettuce that morning, plus he was pooping normally and drank from a water dish. I gave him both Metacam and Cisapride when we got home, and he seemed to suddenly get worse. I don't know if it was a reaction to the Cisapride, or his stomach was just hurting more. He was acting very strangely, sitting with an odd posture, like very straight with his hind legs under him. I got particularly worried when he put his left foot out to the side and turned his body to the right and did that several times. I called the doctor and she told me that it could be neurological because it seemed as if he was leaning to the right, and she suspected he would get a head tilt as well. She also said it could be a parasite that was causing paralysis. Both sounded very scary to me, but after watching him for a while, I realized he was tucking his right foot under him, holding it at an odd horizontal angle close to the left foot. His left food would go out to the side because of the way he was holding his right foot. When I told the doctor this she ruled out both of what she thought it might be. Someone told me their bunny does something odd like that too when he's gassy, but I would think by now the gas episode would be over, but he's still sitting like that, although his posture has improved. He's not sitting as strange as he did before, but it's still not back to normal. He is hopping around normally, so I don't think the leg is hurting him. Right now his eating habits are almost back to normal, though, so I didn't have to force feed him Critical Care or give him anymore Cisapride. I am getting some Bene-Bac for him today, and he's still on the Metacam until Monday.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this with their bunny. I am bringing him back in today and hopefully the problem can be diagnosed and fixed.

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Sounds scary! I hope he's ok, I havent had this happen but Im sure bunny is glad you called the vet whenyou did, now you can moniter this. All the best, dear.
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One of my bunnies use to get gas once in awhile and he'd sit funny - either with his tummy all squished up against the floor with his back legs out to the side or he'd sit all scrunched up.

I hope Snow is feeling better and it wasn't anything too serous.

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Thanks for the replies. Snow is doing better, but he's still sitting with that leg inwards, but it's better than before. I actually think he may have always done something like that and didn't take notice of it until now. He did sit scrunched up for a while probably due to the gas, but he's sitting more normal now.

I think the gas was caused by not eating because of pain. He had just a little, and it should have passed by itself, so when he still didn't eat, I brought him back to the vet. They still couldn't figure out what was wrong with him which made me pretty upset since they're suppose to be trained with rabbits, and we drive an hour to get to that exotic animal clinic. My regular vet wasn't working any of those days, and I kept getting these new doctors that weren't nearly as experienced. I'm scared my regular vet quit or something because she usually works those days. If she did, I don't know what I'm going to do since she was the only one who knew a lot about bunnies. I guess I'll have to try and find another exotic clinic, even if we have to drive even further!

I brought him to a local vet on Saturday out of desperation. They know NOTHING about rabbits, they actually think that rabbits can throw up! But this doctor actually was more helpful than the ones at the exotic clinic and checked Snow over thoroughly. He thought he might have a mild strain of Pasteurellosis because of that green stuff in his nose which the doctors at the other vet thought was hay dust. But if it was hay dust it would show up in both nostrils, not only the left nostril. I suspected this all along, but those two new doctors at the exotic clinic kept dismissing it as hay dust. The doctor at the local clinic gave me Baytril. It seems to be working because Snow is eating a lot more now. It must have been some kind of infection if the Baytril is helping.

I'm pretty ticked off right now at the exotic vet clinic. I spent a couple of hundred dollars there last week and they couldn't give me a proper diagnosis, and dismissed my concerns about his nose and teeth which I'm positive is where the infection is. I'm calling there today to see if my regular vet will be in this week. If she quit, then so do I. Snow deserves the best care possible in the hands of trained professionals, not inexperienced newbies who just want my money. Sorry for the rant, but it seriously burns me that they didn't do more for him. He could have been feeling better right away if they had taken the time to figure out the problem.
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Glad to hear Snow is better. Don't apologize - I would be very upset too. Hopefully your vet was just taking a short vacation or went to a conference and will be back soon.
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I actually saw my regular vet today, she is going on holidays for a week after today, but I'm not impressed with her right now either. She didn't do much else than the 2 new vets did. She took out a spur she said was growing into his gums, but she refused to do anything about the green stuff in his nose. I think he may have a piece of hay or something in his left nostril because it only shows up in that nostril, and if it was Snuffles I would think it would be in both nostrils. I wanted her to do a nasal flush, but she said it was impossible though I've read about it online. I'm planning to check out 2 other exotic animal clinics in the city. I'll keep an eye on him for the next few days, and if things don't improve with his eating habits, I'm going to try one of those clinics. But the thing is I've spent about $400 on this other vet already. I'm seriously out of money. I am SO stressed out!

I'm keeping him on Baytril right now, and hopefully it's just a mild infection that will clear up fast.
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