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getting another bun...

In the past month or so, I added two new buns to my family, Nora (desiree in my sig, we changed her name, i haven't fixed the banner yet), and Lucy. Nora bonded with Horatio, they are very cute together. Barbie is still all by herself, and looks very lonely. She will not get along with Lucy, I know its hard to get two females to get along, anyways. They just ignore each other, and show dislike towards each other, but don't fight. its kind of cute, but not what I want. So I have been looking into getting two more males, to balance things out. I contacted Lucy's breeder, and asked her if she had any males available. She had two litters that were just born, and told me I could have first pick of the males from there when they were old enough, which I thought was pretty cool, because her rabbits are prize winners and I don't show or breed, so getting the pick of the litter isn't really important to me. Anyways, I think I'd feel weird having half of my buns coming from a breeder... She is a great and very responsible breeder, but I'm pretty actively involved in rescue, and if possible, I'd like to rescue or adopt first. Unfortunately, I'm very limited to what breeds I can have, I'm allergic to short haired rabbits, so can only have angoras and such. In southern california, there aren't many available, they rarely turn up in shelters or rescues.
I check craigslist all the time, and found a post from someone who had gotten this bun, and didn't realize what she was getting into. He's an angora mix. Its a bit of a drive, but he's cute, he's a boy, and he will be a good buddy for Barbie. I know you are supposed to do bunny dating and stuff to see if they'll get along, but my bonding methods are a bit unconventional, and seem to work pretty well for me. I'm waiting for a reply from her to see when I can go get him, so I can make an appointment to have him neutered. Yay for new bunny. He's chestnut colored, with some white, and he's adorable!

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Aww good luck on the new bun! I am trying to persuade my husband to let me expand on my pet family but he isnt having any of it lol xx

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That is wonderful!
What are your bonding methods. I agree that girls are tough. I am trying to bond my girls. Penelope still picks on Ophelia. I do have two boys and two girls and want them to get along enough to keep all four in the middle bedroom. We have a large 4 level cage that is always open in the room and a futon like couch. I think the room is plenty big even if the bunnies are 100% in love.
I would love to hear your recommendations on how to get bunnies to like each other. I still have a wait a bit longer with my last male - Teddy. He is too hormonal right now.

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Yeah I'd love to hear your bonding methods too - just curous

How do they show dislike for each other? I always read that them ignoring each other is actually a good sign, and not fighting is definatly a good sign. Zeus and Barnaby just ignored each other at first but they snuggle and follow each other around all the time now.

Congrats on the new bun! He sounds cute!

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