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My 7 year old has named her Funny Bunny Gracie. He calls her funny bunny we call her gracie but we are starting to call her FB too.

HELP Please: She has not eaten her pellet yet. We gave her a little yesterday and a 1/4 cup today. I don't think she has touched it. She has also not touched her greens. She has eaten a little hay and she looks like she is nibbling on the unprinted news paper used as the liner to the cage. She is going pee and poo.

When should I get concerned. The video said 24 hours of not eating is an emergency. But is there a acclamation period? Am I just a worry wart?
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She could not be eating as much just because she's new, and has to adjust to her new home. Do you know what the shelter was feeding her? Are you feeding her the same brand of pellets that they were? Because if she's not use to that brand of pellets, or to having veggies, that could be why she's not eating them. Whenever I offer my rabbits something new that they've never had before, they almost never eat it right away because they don't know if it's safe to eat or not. Usually they'll eat a little of it, then after awhile once they figure out it tastes good and isn't going to hurt them, they'll start eating it more.

24 hours of not eating anything at all means that she also wouldn't be eating hay either. If she eats hay, that counts as eating. Hay is actually a really important part of their diet and they should eat more hay then anything else. And keep an eye on her bathroom habits, because if she's not eating and not pooping, then that is usually when you have a problem. If she's still going to the bathroom normally, then I wouldn't worry too much yet.

Just keep an eye on her, and make sure she eats something, even if it is just hay. Eventually as she gets more comfortable she should start to eat more of her other foods.

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Thanx She ate some hay that I put in front of her and I changes her water dish to a water bottle like they had at the shelter. I will keep an eye on it and keep ya posted.

Being my first bunny I dont know if its acclimation or an issue.
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Michelle is right - hay definitely counts as eating and as long as she is pooing she should be just fine.
I would think it may take her a bit to get used to her environment. She looks like a tiny little thing from her picture.
Just make sure you change the greens you are offering her. I read somewhere buns should not eat wilted greens.
I also have a bunny that does not like it when the pellets sit out too long and she won't eat them. So I just offer her a little bit of pellets at a time and refill more often.
Bunnies are such amazing little creatures. They probably are not for everyone one but those that love them are head over heels - and it sounds like your family falls into that catagory!
Congratulations on the new addition and good luck with her.

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My bunny won't eat as much of his food unless his bowl is clean. I can't just refill it - if I haven't cleaned his bowl in 2 days he notices. And I was given a ziplock baggie of food from the breeder we got him from so he was eating the same stuff for a time, then we slowly mixed with another brand of pellets for a smooth transition. I also give him 1/2 the recommended amount in the morning and the second 1/2 in the evening so they're fresh. They're supposed to eat lots and lots of hay I know that's important.

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Congratulations on your new family member. We wished all parents were as responsible and caring about a pet as you are. You apparently have a special little boy for the bunny to warm up to him so quickly. As long as she eats her hay she will be fine after a while. If the rescue didn't give you a list of greens be sure to go on to print a list of approved veggies. Only introduce one new veggie at a time just in case it upsets her. I have three and two can eat pears while they make the third one have runny poop. You just never know. Enjoy her they can be a joy to have.
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Congrats on your new baby--sounds like it was a match made in heaven. I think rabbits are a great pet for kids as long as the parents are taking an active part in it's care. Also if your child wants to show the bun(youth can show mutt buns w/out papers)just join the ARBA, I personally know children who benefited from showing bunnies. But just to let you know theARBA(I'm a member!)is for ALL uses of rabbits--so if your against people eating rabbits or fur coats your wouldn't want to join.
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People show mutt bunnies? That just makes no sense. Having a little experience in the dog world you show to perfect the breed standard. Kinda against darwin but who am I to question.

Against fur? Against food? Heck one of my favorite dishes is Welsh rabbit. Now thats good eating.

Here is a Gracie update:

She is eating well. She has started to eat alot more pellet and we changed from spinach to romaine and herbs. cilantro and parsley. She loves that stuff. She has also started to chew her wood chews. I dont know if this is due to being her 5th day here or if its that she feels more secure having a box to hide in in her cage. The plastic castle we bought was too small. But she loves that box.

My son is even doing a good job taking care of her. He makes the food bowl fancy by arranging it nicely. This morning it had lettuce bunny ears.

All is well.
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Spinach-It's been recommended to use sparingly, just to let you know.

Plastic castle?? you mean one of those igloo type of thing? I always buy this castle for my bunnies:
They LOVE it, they have a lot of fun chewing through it. When I take it away they get so mad, they start emptying all the litter boxes of its litter and get very moody.

lettuce bunny ears...Haha, funny!!

Pictures please!!!
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