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GI Stasis

Hi. I'm new here. I have a 7 year old dwarf named Yuki. Two days ago I noticed his appetite and drinking decreasing. He is very hormonal at the moment. He has had health problems in the past, and due to these health problems, I didn't think it was safe to get him neutered. He doesn't get hormonal very often, but when he does, he's pretty out of control.

I know he's uncomfortable and stressed when he has hormone problems, so could this be the reason he's not eating and drinking as much? I am able to get him to drink a little from a dish, and he eats a few pellets. He'll eat whole baby carrots, but he hardly touches the lettuce which he used to gobble down.

A few days ago my diabetic cat, who was in remission and didn't need insulin, got sick and started needing insulin again. This stresses me out to no end, and there is definitely an environment change because of it. I know rabbits are sensitive to things like that. Could this be effecting Yuki?

I have 2 very sick kids, and I'm just at my wits end! I am completely broke after dealing with my cat's diabetes, and borrowing money from my parents. The thing is I can't get Yuki to a vet until Monday. Over here many places are closed on Sundays, and I couldn't go today because of a snowstorm. The vet that I take him to is an hour's drive away. There are no vets trained for rabbits here. If he has GI stasis, I know it's very serious, but there's nothing I can do vet-wise. Is there a way to treat him at home? I've already massaged his stomach, but that was all I could think of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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If it's gas bunnies can have simethicone. The baby version and the same does as a baby. But if it's GI Stasis he really needs to get into a vet ASAP. It can be very dangerous and they can easily be lost to it.
Bunnies have to eat to keep their guts moving. Is he pooing? It is critical that he poos and that they are normal poos. I am not sure where you are - it could be pretty latet but is there a 24 hour vet that you could call to be sure you are doing everything right?
Keep encouring him to eat. I have used jarred baby food like winter squash. Or canned pumpkin - it could get him eating and if he is not drinking the water in them may help a little. I cannot stress enough how urgent it is to get advise from a vet. Maybe even call a 24 hour vet that is not close. I know the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia sees rabbit - you could call them.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. Luckily my little guy seems to be getting back to normal. He drank more water today than he did yesterday, and he is eating, so it must not have been GI Stasis after all. Big relief!

He was eating and drinking when I posted this too, but it was a lot less than normal. But he seems to be slowly getting back to his normal routine. I know the reason this happened is because he's not neutered and hormonally stressed. I have not been able to get him neutered due to health issues, so this happens once in a while. It just seemed a little worse this time, but I think he'll be ok from now on.
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Welcome to Paw-Talk!

I like your username. Did you pick it because of Death Note or something else?

One of my rabbits use to get gas once in awhile. He would lay funny with his tummy pressed against the floor and wouldn't eat as much. Whenever that happened I started to give him simethicone (baby gas x) and gentle tummy rubs and that always made him feel better pretty quickly.

Critical care by Oxbow is a powdered formula made for rabbits in case you ever need to force feed him, or even if he's not eating as much as normal you can offer him some in a dish. It's good to have around if you have a bunny, you never know when you may need it in an emergency.

I'm glad Yuki is feeling better though! If you have any more questions feel free to post them

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Hi Dragonrain. Yes, I chose the name MisaMisa because I used to be obsessed with Death Note. LOL!

I don't think Yuki's problem is really gas, it's more of a hormone imbalance. He had a serious health problem when he was only a few years old, and he's prone to molar spurs. I need to get them trimmed down every 2 months or so. I almost had him neutered once, but chickened out because of these problems. I'm terrified to lose him! But now I've got to deal with these hormone flair ups of his. I just don't know why he's not drinking as much this time around, and he just won't calm down! It's been about 3 days already! But at least he's eating normally now, and he does drink more from a dish.

Not sure if Critical Care is available where I live, (I'm in Canada), but I'll be sure to check for it next time I'm at the vet.
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