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Unhappy Help!

My rabbit has been living outside for a couple of months now. I used to close the curtains on the french doors that he likes to look indoors through but he started thumping his feet at night. When I worked out the connection I stopped doing this at night and he seemed to have calmed down. Last week he started doing it again even though the curtains were open, and this time it was in the early hours of the morning. This morning I was in the garden at 3.30am trying to keep him quiet because of the neighbours! The only thing I can think of is that an animal is somehow getting in to the garden and bothering him, I have put down some cat repellent but don't know what else to do. I will try covering him over tonight, but he hates this and I'm worried it will make him worse. I try not to go out to him because I don't want him to start getting my attention with noise, but he is so loud and we have neighbours close by.
Has anyone got any suggestions as to what can be making him do this,or how I can discourage him?
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Rabbits can be creatures of habit. Has there been any changes in his environment?

It could very well be that there are other animals or predators bothering him, however he should stop thumping once he feels safe, which I would imagine would be soon after you come out side.

Have you been spending the same amount of time with him that you usually do? Thumping is usually a form of attention-getting, warning or the like.

To train rabbits to do anything (or NOT do something), it's best to do so in rabbit language. Low growl sounds and thumping are often useful when trying to discourage behaviour. The next time he thumps, and you cannot determine valid reasons for this behaviour, try making a low growl sound in your throat. If that doesn't work, make your own thumping noise, pausing to see if he will thump in reply. Every time he thumps back, thump again until he stops.
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Thanks for the advice. There haven't been any changes in his environment, so I can't see that that would be a problem. He usually stops straight after I go outside. His thumps are almost always because of something he has seen. He used to live indoors, so is used to noises but would run to me thumping if he was looking out into the garden and something frightened him. He often thumps or just runs backwards and forward at high speed if I am in the garden talking to someone and ignoring him but can't see why he would be doing it at 3.30am!
I will definately try the making noises back thing but maybe not in the early hours of the morning- think it may anoy the neighbours more than my rabbit does!
I have put down the cat pellets and covered him over tonight, so I will see if I get anymore early morning wake up calls!!

Thanks again. x
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I don't mean to sound paranoid, but I have heard of several incidences where bunnies have literally been scared to death by other animals during the night. Now I don't know what is scaring your bunny, but he certainly appears to be afriad of something so maybe, if possible, he might prefer to spend the night indoors. I live in a pretty urban area, but I have seen skunks, racoons and even foxes in my yard during the night, so maybe similar animals have been sniffing around your bunny...
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Think my rabbit would give our local cats a run for their money! He generally doesn't get worried over much which is why I am so concerned about his behaviour. We live on a very new estate and our garden is surrounded by an 8 foot wall. I haven't seen any foxes around but thought one might have found his way in somehow. I used to have him indoors but my boyfriend recently had a severe allergic reaction which was made much worse by the rabbit being inside, I don't want to make him bad again so Bob will have to stay out overnight.
I covered him over last night and dispite being very grumpy with me for doing it, I didn't hear any thumping...maybe this is the solution!
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Good lordy an eight foot wall, I think even a fox or cat would have a hard time getting over that, could a fox get in through a gate or is it all secure ?

In that case Foxes may not be such a worry, well a least you managed to keep him quiet for a night, I have Schneeball indoors all the time in my flat in his hutch, I live in a two story block with two communal gardens, lock ups and stairs to the first floor, I could not keep his hutch outside, he may get whisked away or a fox could tap the wooden things upright and swipe him, also there are no gates either end of my block so I have to use a harnass to walk him in the commual.


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