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Hey guys.

So as some of you know, I got Darwin a girlfriend. (I think I'm going to name her Daisy).

Anyways, I've spent the last day and a half trying to bond them in my bathtub. Nothing is going to terribly bad except for that Darwin has been nipping Daisy like a madman and has even pulled out a bit of her hair.

I join them in the bathtub, stick them side to side and rub their heads, which goes okay. The moment I let them go however and Daisy moves Darwin is back at her shoulder trying to rip out her hair.

I'm wondering if there's anything I should be doing to make this easier and to calm Darwin down. These are the first bunnies I've ever bonded so I'm terribly unexperienced.

So can anybody offer any tips?


Bree (& Darwin & Daisy)
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perhaps the bathtub isn't the best place?

i know some pets get kinda scared in bathtubs in general...perhaps you could introduce them somewhere that is neutral but not so 'vastly white'

i.e. your kitchen in a little pen or living room?? and set them on opposite sides and put some snacks (carrots, etc.) in there and let them come to one another???

IDK for sure, so excuse me if i'm wrong
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I'm sure some of the more rabbit savvy folks will be along shortly, but here are some useful threads I found using the search feature. Reading these, it sounds like maybe having them in the tub together so quickly might be jumping the gun a bit. I hope these help!

House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide
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I was very lucky. Oliver and Ophelia bonded very easily. I am sure they were most likely kept together before we got them but I had to separate them as soon as I brought them home because neither was fixed. The way I did it.... I had 2 cages and every morning I would leave Oliver in the smaller and every evening Ophelia would take the smaller. The cages were right next to eachother so they could see and smell the other. I did this for thee first 40 or so days. Not because it took that long but because they had to be separated until Ophelia was spayed and healed. Once they did get together there was a bit of mounting. Surprisingly more from Ophelia than Oliver. A few clumps of fur pulled out but pretty much no terrible fighting. Now they are ALWAYS cuddled up together. I wish the dogs and the cats got along so well.
I have also heard of car rides. Bonding on top of dining room tables(that would make me too nervous)
If you are going to get Daisy (LOVE the name) spayed don't rush the bonding. You will need to keep them apart for a week to 10 days for healing. They could potentially loose the bonding in that time. If I were you I would get her spayed - too high a cancer rate in unspayed females.
Go slow and easy with the bonding. Don't stress. I am sure with time Darwin will fall in love with Daisy. If not you can always send her to me! I am already in love with her.

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