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Exclamation Help!!! Advice ASAP!

Hoddy Toddy gets hay all the time, and 1/4 cup of ox-bow pellets in the morning and another 1/4 cup in the evening. He has a cage but roams free - only goes back to the cage to go to the bathroom, eat, drink, or if he wants to hang out there.

Yesterday I gave him his breakfast as usual and as usual he hopped on over and into his cage. Normally he scarfs his breakfast for a while and then either hangs out in the cage or hops out and does whatever. He took a couple bites of his breakfast, like maybe 3 bites, and then hopped out of his cage and went over to his little hiding nook behind a chair in the corner of the room. HE STAYED THERE ALL DAY LONG. He never finished his breakfast, never ate hay, never went to the bathroom.

I pet him and he enjoys that, but otherwise he's just basically been laying down for the past 24 hours. This morning I checked and I don't believe he went back to his cage all night long. There were 3 poos behind the chair - but that's it!

I'm really concerned. I called the vet and a girl answered the phone and was like "oh yeah that's bad." She put me on hold and came back and said, "well, the vet says it can wait until tomorrow." I was like, UH, YOU JUST RESPONDED "OH YEAH THAT'S BAD." And she was like, "well, he's booked today and says it's not really an emergency yet but he has an 11am appointment tomorrow and he can see Hoddy Toddy then."

What do I do?? I took the appointment and told her to please call me if anybody cancels because I can be right over.

Isn't it kind of really bad when a rabbit doesn't eat or go to the bathroom for like 24 hours?
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I just got him to eat 2 baby carrots, but I put his food bowl in front of him and he pushed it away.
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I read some other posts about other bunnies experiencing this and someone suggested tummy rubs. So I moved the chair away and grabbed him and held him on his back and rubbed his tummy. I noticed he must have peed behind the chair last night because his fur was kind of dirty and matted on his bottom.

At first when I was rubbing his tummy he was sort of jittery. But then after a bit he calmed and settled down. Then after a while he got jittery again. I let him up, but kept him in the chair next to me. He was looking around for ways to escape and it occurred to me perhaps he had to go to the bathroom - because in the past if he's on my lap and has to go he knows he's supposed to go in his cage so he gets jittery and wants down. But I didn't want to let him down because I thought I should probably rub his tummy some more.

I picked him up again and noticed he had peed in the corner of the chair - which normally would've made me mad, but not this time! So I put him on his back and rubbed his tummy some more and while I was doing this a poo fell out of him. I brought him over to his cage and he hopped in and the first thing he did was go for the parsley that I had put in there to tempt him into eating (he loves parsley). He ate some parsley and pooed like 15 poos. I brought him his food bowl but he still wouldn't eat then.

He then hopped out and went back to his favorite corner. I brought some parsley and a baby carrot over to him but he acted mad at me. I pet him a while and he seemed to stop being mad at me because he began purring really heavily. I left him just now to write this post. He still hasn't eaten the parsley or baby carrot that I brought over to him, but he's sitting up and seems kind of annoyed that the chair is pulled away because he likes to think he can go back there and hide.

Anyway, I'm encouraged by his eating, peeing and pooing. But still would appreciate any more advice!!! I wish the vet would call me back. I tried calling the rabbit rescue, and explained my situation to the girl who answered, but she said all their vets were busy with clients and she didn't know what to do. She told me to call this other place and I looked them up online. I called the number on their website but got an automated response that it was temporarily out of service/disconnected.
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I am sorry I just saw this! I wasn't on at all yesterday.
How is Hoddy Toddy doing?

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Any updates on Hoddy Toddy? has he been to the vet?

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i wouldnt go to that vet anymore!! if they cant make an emergency for a bunny then they clearly arent set up to deal with them or understand how serious this could have been. it wasnt just a check-up, he needed to be seen. good thing you got him to pee and poop and eat a little.

Hows he doin today??
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Sorry I'm new with bunny too, i hope Hoddy Toddy is better. How is he now?
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Hi there
I basically had the exact situation with my rabbit Henry a few months ago. He stopped eating, he was shivering, and laying down in his house. He was gritting his teeth, wouldn't eat anything and was basically unresponsive. I took him to the emergency vet's and she didnt know a lot about rabbits but she gave him a shot to keep him hydrated until the morning whne I could get himt o the vets. They did an x-ray there and found that it was a bunch of gas built up in his cecum. The vet suspected that the remote buttons he ate broke down in his stomach and created the gas. Henry basically ran around like your bunny, I never considered what he would eat.

Anyways.. Do you think he could have eaten something? Rubber remote buttons? Anything rubbery or plasticy laying around? make sure to tell your vet he runs free. Until tomorrow, try to syringe some water into him. he might not be eating because something is blocking up his little digestive system. keep an eye on him, moniter his poops and his pee. I put a heating pad under henrys cage, but in a spot where he could move away from it if he got too warm. Heat can be dangerous to rabbits. Good luck, and I hope it all ends well.

p.s if your vet suggests an x ray, go for it. ( its how they found out what was wrong with Henry)

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not eating, not going to the bathroom, sick

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