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Unhappy Help again with the cage biter please

Snoopy was a crazy cage biter, I thought he got better after trying all suggestions from the other post about that issue and now his biting comes back. I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that I have increase the play area from just a kitchen to my whole live area. I don't live in a large place, just a condo. But over the Thanksgiving weekends, I moved him out to the living and decided to let him stay in the living room. So ever since last Monday I started to let him out to the dining room, then over the holiday weekends, I let him have the whole first floor. Basically I let him out whenever I can be in the room and supervise at the same time, so pretty have like 3 hours of playtime. Since he isn't really potty trained, so every 30 mins - 45 mins I would put him back to his cage and let him take care his business then let him out again. or if I can't supervise him in the room, I would put him back to his cage. Right now I'm getting ready to sleep and I can still hear him biting the cage and wanting to come out. I was home all day sunday, pretty much the whole day he was either out playing or biting the cage because I can't let him out but he had more than 5 hours total playing, whenever he wakes up from his sleep the first thing is the bit the cage to tell me he wants to come out. For the past 2 mornings before I go to work he would bite the cage like crazy and I tried to let him play just in the kitchen, but he doesn't like it. He came out for like 2 seconds and then go back to the cage and start biting. I don't know what to do, the sound of biting the cage is really driving me crazy. and I think he is a little afraid of me because when I try to pet him while play in the living room, he runs away from me, he may think that I'm to catch him back to the cage. I also try to use his favor treat carrot to get him back to the cage and he just wouldn't go and in fact turn around and leave the treat. I would love let him play all he wants as long as i know he is well potty trained (which I'm still doing) and I'm by myself most of the time, that's why I must put him back to the cage when I need to do house work. I don't want him to hate me, I would like to be able to play with him or pet him when outside of the cage, but I don't know how to train him to go back to his cage when I need to be in. And once he is out he doesn't go back that's why I'm afraid that he would pee on the carpet and have to put him back after he has been out for sometime.
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My sister's rabbit does the exact same thing. Just get a cage with bars running horizontal and vertical so he can't bite it. Lol bad advice. Maybe someone else will have better advice.
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