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Question help help help.

I have a Netherland Dwarf female around 3 years old. When I first got her she was a sweet rabbit and was very easy to handle. I decided to get her a friend, and when I went to the pet store they gave me what they said was another female rabbit. It turned out that the second rabbit was a male and got Coco (my current rabbit) pregnant. I decided to get both fixed and after trying to put them in the same cages again, realized it wouldn't work out and that I had to give one of them away.
After Coco's surgery, I kept a constant eye on her, and a few days after surgery when I went to the other room, she somehow got her cone off and ripped out all her stitches. I took her to an emergency vet, and they stapled her up and she healed.
From the time she got pregnant, she would not let me hold her, and after surgery she wouldn't let me hold her either.
I keep my rabbits cage clean, and feed her properly, and pet her once in a while but I am terrified to do anything else.
Coco doesn't seem to enjoy being pet, will not let me clip her nails, and to be honest I'm afraid of her hurting me.When myself or anyone else pets her, she will sit there and allow it, but will hop in the corner afterwords.
I'm not sure what to do at this point. When I clean out her cage I have to lift her out of it, and that alone scares me because she starts kicking her legs.
Does anyone have any sort of advice? Is this rabbit retrainable? Has anyone had any experience in this type of situation? Anything would be helpful.

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I think you need to give her sometime and try to force to pick her up. I have a buck Netherland Dwarf and he doesn't like to be pick up too. I found that this breed of rabbit don't like to be pick up too much. Give more patient and time eventually her will learn that you are trying to hurt her. When I pet Snoopy, he would step back too, because for a past 2 weeks, I had to force to pick him up to clean his sutures, so now he doesn't like me too much. Also when he eats the carpet I force him back to his cage, so definitely he dosen't want me to get close to him. Now I don't need to clean his sutures and I learn why he was eating my carpet, I will not force to pick him up or force him back to his cage, whenever he has playtime, I would sit on the floor with him and give him treats, and he does run to me for a second and leave. Spend more time with her in her cage, like just sit with the door open, pet her, give her treats or feed her with her favor veggies, let her get to know you.

Rabbit doesn't like us to reach in to their cage much, especially for female rabbit. when you clean her cage, maybe you can try to open the door and let her come out by herself. I bunny sitted my friend's bunny for a week last month, she has the same exact problem. Whenever i reached into her cage she stomp with his back legs and bite me hard. So I waited a little and let her come out on her own before doing anything to her cage.

Right now it is hard for me to get close to Snoopy when he is running in the house, whenever I reach out my hand, he flee quickly. but don't give up or afraid, rabbit is a very smart animal and they can learn, just the matter of time.
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Rabbits in general usually don't like being picked up. They are a prey species and prefer to have their feet on the ground.

Pregnacy changes the females hormone levels, and can make them more grumpy. Hormones in general tend to make rabbits more aggressive and irritable. Spayed/neutered rabbits make much better pets in my opinion.

If you just got her spayed, give her some time. It can take a few months after the surgery for the hormone levels to decrease.

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can't think of one, help
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I've modified my bunnies' home to be able to open the top. I pick him up frequently and when doing so I bring him close to me quickly so he does not fear being "out there" long. I've had him over nine years and he knows me. Just keep at it and let bunny get to know you.


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my new bunny hates to be "out there" in fact he's more along the skiddish side because he's only a baby. but he likes to climb up my shirt and get close to my neck. in fact some times he'll bump my chin up in order to get RIGHT next to my face.

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