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help please?

I just bought i lionhead bunny yesterday and i brought him home. he is supposed to be a house trained bunny but everytime i go to hold him he runs or tries to bite me. could somebody please give me some advice on how to break him from that?
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Be Patient he may be stressed out, start slow by petting him where he sits. Some buns are afraid of beign picked up expecially if already stressed by a new environment and new people. Good luck with him and spend tiem with him so he will feel safe with you.

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I'm going to move this to the rabbit forum, your more likely to get helpful replies there!

If you just got him, you need to give him some time to adjust. He's in a new place, with new people - everything is completly strange to him, of course he's going to be nervous for awhile.

Also, most rabbits don't like to be held. They are prey animals and prefer to keep their feet on the ground. Also, he doesn't know you. Think about how you would feel if you were brought to a completly diffrent environment and had a gaint always coming towards you trying to touch you and pick you up.

Instead of approaching him, try sitting on the floor with a treat. If he comes up to you, give him the treat. You want him to associate you with good things instead of with fear. You have to earn a bunnies trust. Go down to his level, and let him come to you on his own terms.

Good luck! If you have any more questions about your new bunny feel free to ask

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Like they said, just give him time to adjust.
Most rabbits hate being held... Just sit on the floor with your bun, and give him plenty of treats to gain his trust. When he wants love and attention, he'll come to you for it!

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Your Rabbit will naturally be afriad and stressed out when they are in a new enviroment for the first time, Your rabbit needs to no that you are not going to hurt it so as others are saying, let it build its trust with you. Stroke it and groom it every day, rabbits love being groomed aspecially lionheads as they have more hair normally than a normal rabbit. Comfort it and stroke it, it might take 1 week to 1 month depending on how anxious your rabbit is, but... Just keep comforting it and eventually it will begin to be "ok" with you.
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i thinks that's normal... he'll get used to it..
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what dragonrain said. And housetraining is generally associated with litter training, I think? my rabbit henry haaates being held. he prefers to just hang out on the couch or the floor with me, and he'll let me know when he wants snougles.haha

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it took my dwarf Acacia like a full year to allow me to pick her up!!! (besides vet trips and nail clipping) she still hates it but i have her spoiled to come to me in her pen if i shake her treat container.she'll only get a treat now if she stands on my leg. i started it out by shaking the container and giving her a treat so she could establish the sound with a num num -the entire time i talked to her- your bunny needs to know your voice. then week by week she had to come closer and closer to me if she wanted her nummy Good luck.. the most important rule is to be patient!! i had my own roomate call my bunny a b-witch and freinds suggested i get rid of her for her aggression!!! have you opted to spay/neuter?? i think if i didnt have Acacia spayed she would still be wild like she used to be!!
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Ditto to what everyone else said. Rabbits generally detest being picked up. Most don't like being cuddled or petted in the same way that a dog or a cat would -- and why should they, they're rabbits, not dogs or cats!

Check out for helpful care information, including diet, and hopefully you can have your bunny spayed or neutered soon, because if he was "house trained" at the pet store, that means that he probably hasn't hit puberty yet and will start spraying pee like a madman in not so much time.

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Like others said, time and treats when behaving

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