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help saved bunny has so many problems

Hello, and please forgive me if I post in incorrect place, this is my first post .

I saved a bunny , from a neighbor in the mountains who raises bunnies both for easter sales and for consumption. (not my favorite kind of person ) He had called my daughter over while walking to show her the new foxes he had...In a cage I saw a bunny who had very little life in her. After asking several times he gave her up to me. First let me tell you I live in mountains and have very little vets in area that deal with anything outside of dogs, cats, horses..etc..One who lives near by gave me eye salves and drop for a severe eye cold she had. She is about 2-3 months old..chinchila(spelling) fur. I have had since weekend... Extremely skinny, I can feel her back and sides,,to fragile to even hold at times without crying. I have read all the diet advice here and have taken care of all her dietary needs..but she eats so small in amounts...Today I was checking over her developed quickly, large patches of missing fur with red spots on her right thigh area..(I got a fungal cream from vet and mite wipes).and when checking her mouth I found what looks like a third broken off tooth in front of her bottom two...what could this be? And please any ideas on how to make her life better faster? She breaks your heart with her weakness and her kindness. Any advice on happier bunny life and health and what the third broken off tooth could be...
Thank you for any advice...
God bless all of you for your love and kindness to animals.
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OMG! All I can say is that she needs a lot of prayers, she sounds in an awful state.. I hope her condition improves! Take care and keep us informed...
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I really feel for you & the bunny. Nothing could have been worse than leaving her with that horrid person & I hope that man falls off something very high in the near future (I'll be there to push him).

It's very hard to diagnose anything over a forum but it sounds like this poor rabbit has been through **** & back. Teeth don't just break off in a bunny's mouth without help. Whether the poor little thing has been used for amusement by this thug, we don't know. All you can do is make sure the bunny is kept warm & not too stressed from the experience. As long as she is eating & drinking, that's great. The eye infection could be something that may need to be looked at closer as it is probably due to the teeth that may have caused some kind of abscess inside the mouth which will affect the eye so topical treatments for the eye will probably not fix the problem.

Good luck with her & I really hope she makes it! Keep an eye on the idiot neighbour & report him to anyone if you think he is mistreating any animal in sight.
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Poor bunny! Thank goodness you found her. I think that with the broken tooth you really need to see a vet, even if it is quite far away. The tooth could be causing her discomfort which might be why she is skinny. Eating could be too painful for her.
Try offering her small portions of pellets so she can get used to food again. Good luck!
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Awww this broke my heart, I can't believe anyone would ever let any animal get in that bad of shape! Just give him/her lots of love and care. We'll pray for both you and the bunny. Goodluck and keep us informed.
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I dont really know anything about health problems and rabbits, but i would suggest moistoning her food and giving her small ammounts at a time. it may make it easier for her to eat. a vet would definately be in her best interest, good luck with her!
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Pssst. Send me his address. I have friends....

Take good care of her, poor baby. i will pray for her. and give her the dignity of a name if you haven't, though Im sure you and your daughter will think of one.
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