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here i go again... chewing carpet!!!

So, for the first few days, baby Drizzt seemed gleefully absorbed in a number of activities. Jumping around a lot, lots of cute little Binkies, chewing and flipping his toys. But the last two days, he's gotten obsessed with chewing on the carpet. I've read a few articles that seem to say this is a boredom habit, but he's doing it right next to a toy he really liked two days ago. I've gotten him lots of toys, boxes, everything I could think of. Do you guys think he'll get over this?
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A few of mine have done this - they can obsess about it over time, returning every day to the same spot to contunie their work in progress. What I do is lay down a ceramic tile, like a 12"x12" one from Home Depot or someplace, right overtop of the spot. This way they can't get at it and eventually they will forget about it.
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great idea, thanks! he's a little less obsessed today, but he does seem to be after the one spot. luckily we've found new activities today, like jumping over a giant cardboard tube. yay!
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Mine have done that. Penelope ruined the carpet in her room. Teddy has a spot behind the door (that his daddy doesn't know about). There are only throw rugs in Ollie and Ophelia's room but they have chewed on that too.
I wish I had heard Rabbitsmba idea of the tile - that is a good one.
You could also try bars of ivory soap - it works well on baseboards but I am not sure if it would leave a lasting residue on carpet. Mine have more toys and room to play than some children - yet they still chew on things they aren't supposed to!

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I tend to block of things Flash shouldn't be chewing on with cardboard boxes, usually weighed down so he can't move them.
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