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Hi? =]

Hi my name is Bree.

I've never been apart of a forum but this one seems to be filled with lots of nice people, so I thought I'd join. Plus I'm a new bunny owner and I have lots of questions.

Anyways, I have a lionhead named Darwin. He's a cranky bunny (thus my user name).

But yeah. Nice to meet you all I suppose! =]
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welcome to the forum Bree!!!!!! there are lots of helpful people on here and alot of them have bunnies too, i myself have 6 (well 3 are my sisters )

welcome again!

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Cute bunny you have there.
I have 4 bunnies, and 7 foster bunnies at the moment (lots of poop LOL), one of my bunnies Ani has a real additude too, but I still love her.

I'm sure if you tell us a bit fo whats going on with your little guy we can help give some advice, there are many rabbit savvey people here.

Fisrt off is your little guy neutered?
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hi bree nice to meet you and welcome to paw talk and your right there are heaps and heaps of nice people here i am also a bunnie owner. hope to see you around
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Thanks guys. =]

Yeah, Darwin is a very bossy bunny. He thinks he's got run of the house. Heck, he's not even afraid of my dogs, and two of them are biggggg! Haha.

Anyways, he is neutered. So techically he's supposed to be nice but I think getting him neutered reversed things.

He was a very very very sweet guy before he got "snipped" and now he's very aggressive. But whatever, I still love him.

No matter. Here's my first question:

How big do you all think a lionhead lop would get?

I'm looking into getting Darwin a friend and there's a lionhead lop up for adoption but I want to get a bunny that will be the same size or smaller than him. He is only 3.2 lbs, after all.

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welcome to the site..aww wot a sweetie pie he looks!
er hem yeah i had a dwarf lop doe and she wasnt scared of our 3 cats or next doors kids!

Over here our smaller bun is called a mini lop..dwarf lop is the next size up btw

We had THE most adroable friendly sociable mini lop who lost his feline family in 3 months and then my dad.he became very ill and depressed and lonely cos of it. We took him to a rescue to get a mate just after my dads funeral in march and oscar wanted the hige horney yet to be neutered doe that was like 5 times his size!!
We came home with Bif..shes a lionhead lop cross without the mane genes we think as the rescue got her brother who was full lionhead..
she weighs about 4lb i think..maybe a bit less maybe a bit more..i cant weigh her at the mo! She was almost 3 times the size of oscar. When oscar died she nearly died but was saved by a blind date with bertie..our "were-rabbit" hes a french lop and you dont think hes that much bigger than her till you compare heads and feet!They are a fully bonded inseperable couple.see thread bout giant bunny for details and pics!
There are others here who little bunnies have huge playmates and vice versa..tis not for you to decide..tis up to your bun!! And they dont half pick em!!
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Hmm, I think Darwin could deal with a bunny only a pound or so larger than he is. Obviously he wouldn't be scared of her or anything, considering he chases my 40lb dogs around the house constantly.

But still, is 4lbs the usual for lionhead-lops?
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Welcome! Your bunny is very cute!!

Lionheads rarely grow to be more then four pounds. Most likely your guy is almost done growing.


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Welcome Bree and Darwin - what a handsome boy you are!!!
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Aww thank you! Darwin is handsome.

But he already knows that, and it's gone to his head.

Haha, he's only nice to my beautiful cat Spencer. I think they sit together and discuss their beauty and the other animal's haggardness. Haha.

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Welcome to PT. Darwin looks like such a sweetie. Hard to believe he is cranky!
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Welcome to Paw Talk. I am sure you will find the site extremely helpful. I know I have. We have a bonded brother and sister pair. They are both fixed. I was very lucky because they bonded very well. When we first brought them home they had to be separated because Oliver was not behaving the way a brother should to a sister. As soon as Ophelia was fixed and over her wait period it only took a few days to complete the bonding. Although I switched their cages daily and kept them next to eachother. I think that helped a lot. You probably should take him to a rescue and let him pick his own mate. (by the way the trick above I learned from this site)
I keep thinking of adding a third but I want a nice big lop that already likes people and these two would probably pick a straight eared bun that wanted nothing to do with me I am still trying to prove to my buns that I am a good mommy and they should let me pet them.

mommy to
Tyler - kitty
Oscar - water turtle
Bean - kitty
Frankie - dachshund
Belle - dachshund
Oliver - bunny
Ophelia - bunny
Penelope - bunny
Teddy - bunny -ok I have given up on 4 of a kind and am willing to settle for 2 pairs.
8 fishes - RIP Little Guy and Greta
and Tabatha - October 11, 2006 - rest in peace our sweet angel bunny
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He's cute. I can't help with much with house rabbit issues, but other rabbit issues I may be able to help with. I currently have 13 rabbits and raise Netherland Dwarfs. I've had rabbits in the house, but not free roam and I've never had a spayed or neutered rabbit, though I was considering that option with a doe and buck that I have that live next to each other. I think they would love to live together, lol. Best of luck with your bunny.
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We have 3 bonded "peasants" and one "King" Charlie. He only likes people, no other animals.

Good Luck with you little handful!! Oh, but he is cute!
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Welcome to PT!! Darwin is adorable!! Have fun!!

// k a t ((d)) 猫ちゃん ☆~(ゝ。∂)

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house rabbit, mini lop, netherland dwarf

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