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Lightbulb homemade toys

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone in on some of my toys that I make for my babies(it beats those petstore prices). toliet paper rolls stuffed w/ cotton, dried fruits in the center. They can gnaw the roll, make nests out of cotton, eat the fruit. Helps w/ boredom. I also make bunny kabobs:thin dall rod, dried fruit,hay cubes,wooden balls with holes. Just drill holes in hay and fruits(bannannas easier if put holes then dehyrate). Cap off with the wooden balls. You can hang them from cage by putting one ball on the outside of cage then sliding dall rod through. you can do the same w/ I dyerated appled(cored). I also slice gourds and dyrate for chews. Hope this was helpful and hope you guys can give me some idaes as well.
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Mine like to play with cereal boxes as well
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I tried giving my guys the old yellow pages book - they tore it up a little bit but not much. Oliver and Ophelia eventually pee'd on their yellow pages so I had to throw it away. I have a few others but if they are just going to potty on it I am not giving it to them.
My guys like the paper towel rolls. I was also giving them the tubes from wrapping paper.
I gave Oliver and Ophelia some larger pieces of scrap wood. Oliver likes to pick it up and drop it so it thumps.
They play with wicker laundry baskets that I had around and was no longer using.
Santa brought them dehydrated apples for Christmas. They all love them. So I plan on making my own. We already have a dehydrator. I figure one apple should last a long time for them. They shouldn't have too much at one time.
I have also given my guys the lids to the baby food jars. Penelope threw hers a few times but I don't think she cares for it too much.
Oh Penelope loves to play with her fleece blankies. She chews little holes in them - that is why I use the fleece.

I was wondering if anyone ever gave their buns those wooden cut outs from the craft store. The kind you are supposed to paint yourself.
Because of work I have met a guy from one of the major companies that puts those out. I asked him if they would be okay for bunnies to chew on. He said he didn't recommend it because he was not sure what wood they were made of. I told him that some woods were not safe for buns to chew on.
I just was wondering if anyone had done this and what brand they used.
The ones that the guy sold maybe perfectly safe for bunnies - it's just we were not completely sure.

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We put together some rabbit chew blocks from the pet store and strips of leather to tie them to the cage. We've also purchased a couple of stuffed bunnies at easter. Tido enjoys grooming his and sleeping with it. Once I caught him trying to put the bunny in his water dish and grooming it! Fortunately, the rabbit didn't fit into the dish. Sarah tried stealing Tido's baby and pulling it through the cage so I was forced to get her her own "baby". Sometimes I can get scraps of 2x4 chunks to give them something to chew on. Both of my bunnies live on towels, so a hand towel on top of the pile is a great plaything as well as something to cuddle with.
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I gave my bunny a towel once and he mostly tried to eat it, so I took it away. He sorta kinda likes toilet paper rolls, but nothing to write home about. I was trying to think of something I could give him that was a plaything and edible ... and I thought of a clementine! Because I know he likes it when I give him a piece of an orange. So I took a small clementine, washed it and cut a few slits into it so he'd be able to smell the citrus better. At first he was just acting afraid of it. I cut a tiny sliver out so he could get a better whiff of what was hiding inside the rind. No real reaction, so I went to bed. The next morning all that was left was a tiny piece of rind about the size of my thumbnail. Woa! I thought it would last him a lot longer than a few hours ... and he was going totally bonkers. I've since decided I can't make treat-toys that big because he's such a piggie he'll just devour it - I think the clementine gave him a sugar high! But so now I'm even more nervous about making home-made toys because I know he'll just gobble up the whole thing. Could you guys share some tips on safe materials to use for bunny toys? For instance, I would have never thought of using leather ... Advice, please?
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Al I have let my rabbits play w/ coconuts, just drill a whole to drain and hand it over to your baby(don't think he could gobble that to quickly) plus my vet said coconuts floss their teeth!!!
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An easy bunny toy...

I have been reading the bunny toy sites/articles and they're great! I made the cat/bunny toy out of a short TP tube with the ends cut to make little 'tabs'. I made one myself with sisal rope and a TP tube. The sisal rope came around a bundle of 'branches' from PetSmart. It's the only part he's interested in.

I just folded the TP tube so it was easy to cut across. I ended up with like 10 circles. I strung them onto the sisal rope. Tada! It's fully toss-able and chewable.

I added a pic. Also added one of Nugget in his hidey box.
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dried fruit, dried fruits, hay cubes, pet store

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