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Question how can i succeed with her being terrified

well oscar and Bif (leonie she came as but never answered to!) have been bonded for just over a week now and theyre sooo in love...but the only problem is oscar loves us dearly and is like a puppy. Bif as a rescue bunny is very scared and terrified of people..and oscar cant understand why she doesnt love nose rubs etc and cuddles with his 2 legs...
She wasnt bonded with us..we saw what a mess she was and decided to bond them both first as he could then show her what people are when they love bunnies..was i wrong to do this?
She is curious when hes making a fuss of us and getting fussed back..she almost joins in but runs off at last minute.
But she is curious alright so maybe it will just ake a long long time?
Im upset as everytime she sees hands especially if you lift it to scratch your head..rub your eye etc....she cowers and hides herself shaking...and all buns love nose rubs right..she hates it..she jumps back like shes had an electric shock and holds her face down to move her nose out of reach if you know what i mean..
the rescue centre had her for 2 months and handled her...shes very affectionate if you pick her up and pet her..which is unusual right? and when shes scared its very obvious..she doesnt just freeze..she shakes and squeaks almost and buries herself.
Any tips or ideas on how i can help or is it futile shes only going to respond to oscar and should i mind!? yes i do...she needs loving bless her
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I would just give it time and let her come to you...treats always help too .

Sakura was like that when I first adopted her. She was a free-range bunny and so she could just come to me when she wanted to instead of being forced. Everytime I passed her I'd offer her a small piece of food and eventually started stroking her gently while she ate. I also taught her tricks such as 'beg' which boosted her confidence .

I would avoid picking her up and just let her come to you and when she does give her treats and praise (but don't try petting her just yet). When she trusts you enough pet her gently on the head for only a few seconds at a time. Don't pet her on the back because a hand looming over her is scary.

I hope this helps!


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My Daisy was just like that - the whole shaking and cowering - and she has slowly, but surely has started to come around.

She is fairly use to me and doesn't dart away very much, but she we'll sneak up on my husband, will even stand up behind him, just looking at him - but as soon as he looks at her she trots off so she's about a couch cushion away from him and will usually thump. Although she will take a treat from him now, she still needs some time.

Sasami is very right about petting. Charlie loves his ears and nose rubbed, so my husband will try to pet Daisy the same way, but he ends up scaring her in the process. She seems to prefer the side of her rump rubbed - very gently - I will even hold my hand there while she sits next to me, she seems comforted by that. Just pet her in a few different ways and try to read what she likes and tolerates best. I like to lie on the couch with her right next to my chest so she hears my heart, and she'll stay very calm and almost fall asleep. That's how I first got her and Charlie to lay together because I've always taken naps like that with Charlie - needless to say he got jealous and wanted to lay with mom too so he put up with the extra bunny.

I think that's excellent that she's bonded with Oscar. My two play and respect the other's space, but are still a little ways away from being really smitten. You have half the battle won. Her affection towards you will come in time.
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thank you both for the wonderful advice!
Bif as she is now known has come to me 4 times yesterday and once today when i call her. She bounds up to me as i lay on the floor with a saggy beanbag supporting my poor old back.and sticks her nose in my back or sniffs me and nudges me till i giggle..i talk to her and offer her treats but the only time i can really pet her is at breakfast time or at night when theyre in the doggy crate..she begs for her meals and rewards me with affectionate nudges and letting me pet her head and if i rub her cheeks she goes all goeey.
Nikki had to pick her up to groom her and she went nuts but shes moulting it had to be done for oscars sake as much as her. At bed time and early this morning it just made her braver and ask for attention..but tonight she went nuts..nikki picked her up to hug her with oscar to see if she could have the bunny love hugs again..but Bif just chews her nightshirts and runs off..
she willnever be like oscar..but i think come winter time she will be very grateful to curl up next to a nice warm human body on the floor or settee...
funny nikki lays on the settee and she tries to get up there with her but chickens out at last minute!
fingers crossed!

thanks again
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she'll be up there pretty soon!

i've always read that bunnies don't like to be picked up because they want to keep their feet on the ground - but my buns are climbers! especially Charlie, he likes to sit at the highest point he can get too - which is usually the back of the couch against the wall. i used to call him "king of the mountain" because i thought it was kind of strange, but daisy does it too - except she just can't jump as high

ps - purple bumble, thanks for the link - there's some great info on there! oh and did i mention the pictures? toooo cute!
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