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How did you get your rabbit?

How did you come to own your rabbit(s)? Was there a special story behind it or was it just a spur of the moment decision?
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When I was about 8 years old my Auntie gave me 50p to go and spend in the farm shop, instead of sweets I went home with a baby bunny.. That was Hazel, and he lived a great life with us, until he died when he was about 10..
I got my next bunny Dylan when I went to a pet shop with my hubby Pete in 1999.. He was a French lop and was 6 months old, he had free range of the shop and was nicknamed Psycho.. Maybe I should have been worried about this name, but I ended up with the most adorable little boy, who was fully litter/house trained.. A few months after getting him in which I had got him neutered, I got him a girlfriend, another french lop and I called her Chloe.. Together they were the perfect couple and would come into the house every night and watch TV, even known to eat the pizza crusts and garlic bread from our takeaways! Unfortunately in December 2000, Pete found them both dead one afternoon in their shed.. The vet said that maybe a fox had scared them and they died of heart attacks.. I had them cremated together, and still have their ashes..
The day after Dylan and Chloe died I went out to get another bunny or 2.. Some may say it was too early to replace them, but that was my way of coping, and I will never forget them.. So along came Amber and Jasmine, they were sisters and 6 weeks old.. They were tiny little things and adorable..
Well those who look on the bunny threads know that I have got 2 more bunnies this year..
Billy was a pet shop bunny who I feel in love with.. Harvey was rescued from a house where Pete was working..
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I got hopscotch (Black dwarf rabbit) as a present from my Dad when I was 6 years old... I loved her alot She was my best buddy. she lived to be about 10 years old, she passed away last year... I miss her very much.
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I got my first rabbit when I was pretty young. My brother had entered a little raffle in my town and won. He had won one stew rabbit that he could pick out at the farm. My mom took my brother and I to the farm, never intending to get a dead rabbit, and the farmer offered us two baby rabbits instead. My brother got a black and white one, and I got a black one. Unfortunately, Moppel, my rabbit died a year after because he somehow broke his spine. I still remember that day so well.
A few months later I picked out a black and white dwarf rabbit and he lived with me until I moved to the States. Then he moved to my neighbor's house where he was spoiled and died when he was 8.
Then I got Ceasar and Charlie when we moved into a new house here. Caesar died for some unknown reason leaving just Charlie.
Half a year later, I checked petfinder and found a bunny looking for a home in my town. There was no picture included, but I found out many things by e-mailing the shelter, and then my mom went to take a look at him. I visited him the day after and he came home with me a weekend later. Harry is still with me as we speak.
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Ryo was rescued from a stupid "meat" breeder who was only feeding a 8 week old ice burg lettuce and kept her in a cage so small she could barley move around in and the bars were bent and rusty!
or i though i rescued her.....
but soon after i took her home i found out that the only reason they let me (boyfriends dad) was because she was going to be snake food
but i saved her from that also.
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My first bunnies were Sake and Puchiko. I got them from a local petstore for my birthday. Puchiko was actually a rescue that the petstore had taken in so she was a mix. Sake, however was a purebred mini-lop.

I had them for a few years but they got sick and passed on while I was on vacation..I don't want to get into details. I cried for days.

A year ago (literally...I got my third bunny in October of last year) my mom saw that someone was giving away free bunnies. I had been depressed lately, and my hamster had passed on so she said I could take a look if I wanted. The rabbits were outside rabbits, living in dirty, wire hutches. They were all in bad shape. But Sakura (called 'HoneyBunny' at the time) was the worst off. She was about four years old but she looked like she was ten. She was sickly and overweight. Her feet were cut up from the wire and she was terrified of people. So I took her home (I couldn't afford to take the other two, who were actually her sons. She had a litter when she was only like five months old). At first she wouldn't let anyone touch her but now she's gorgeous, her feet have healed, she's a normal weight, and she's the friendliest rabbit I've ever had. In fact, she's a free-range house rabbit and spends her days playing and sleeping on my bed.

A month ago, I adopted three bunnies (Stash, Sparky, and Elvis) from a rescue. Sparky had been there for years. I guess no one wanted him because he's so huge. It took a while to actually get them as there are home checks and everything but in August I could finally go pick them up =). They're all doing well. I hadn't meant to get three, I was just gonna get Sparky (whom I had seen on petfinder and had been wanting for a year...he just really stood out) and Stash (who was just absolutely adorable). But then we found out that another rabbit, Elvis, only had one friend...Stash. If we just took Stash he'd be lonely. So we decided to get all three .


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Well I'll just say how I got shadow and Molly...I've had too many rabbits in my time to tell all the stories!
We got Shadow because at the time we had our male rabbit Rodger. We had just moved house and he got depressed from the move (he couldn't get out as much cause the yard wasn't rabbit proof, it was at our old place). We had another rabbit, Henry, at that time and for a while they were friends but of course Henry's hormones kicked in and they fought. I seperated them and was waiting for Henry to be old enough to get him neutered. Well Henry dug out of the rabbit run we had provided for them (they used to get in seperately) and the dog we had at the time thought he was a stuffed toy and tried to play with him. Henry died of a heart attack. After that Rodger got really depressed and I wanted another rabbit. This time we were smart and got a female, Shadow. She came from a pet store, but there are no rabbit shelters around here. Rodger came from a breeder and he had lots of health issues so a pet store seemed to be the best option. I knew I wanted a long haired bunny so we rang around and drove out to a pet store to pick up Shadow.
Molly came to us a few months after Shadow did. My best friend rescued her from a house where the kids would pick her up and then drop her. Thankfully the parents realsied this wasn't good and advertised to re-home Molly. My best friend had her for two weeks and then her and her then boyfriend split up unexpectedly. She had to move back to her p's house and could only take two rabbits. Because Molly was that last addition she asked me if I could look after Molly until she had herself sorted. That was fine. Then she realised she was going to be at her p's house for a while and re-homing Molly would be best. I asked her to not ask around, and that gave me time to convince Alex that three rabbits was ok for us (Shadow and Rodger were already bonded).
I never got Rodger to bond with Molly, and about a month later he died due to kidney failure. To this day Molly and Shadow only like each other through their seperate cages.

I'll pick that I bought my rabbits cause Molly has been the only rabbit I've adopted.

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We have 2 bunnies,cotton & que.My boys were at the sitters will I worked.The sitter raises Rabbits,and of course the boys wanted one,each.So they were put to work pulling weeds ect...By the time I got there to pick them up they had 2 bunnies and enough money to buy 25lb. of feed.The boys were smiling ear to ear,Icouldn't say no.What a great addition to the family.
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Aw I get to share my sappy story about Ruby (my bunny)
I'll start by saying I really wanted a bunny for a long time but I just didnt know enough about them and my husband well wasnt keen on the idea.
Months later......
I decided to volunteer at our local shelter on my second day there 2 little baby bun's came in so cute! I totally fell in love with ruby. When I went home I told my husband about her he didnt say much just "Go ahead" so I went back up there and adopted her for 20 bux I have had he 2 months now and today is her first day free in the whole house lol. she was confined to just my bedroom because I had to rabbit proof. Ill attach some pics somewhere when I figure this stuff out
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Bought, adopted and got him as present
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i am all up for resuceing rabbits. but for my next i would love to have a belguim hare. id have to get that from a breeder.
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