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How are everyone's rabbits doing?

I haven't talked about my bunnies much lately because of my new rattie and kitty additions, but Sonora and Rusty are doing just fine. Rusty is shedding (again!). He has been shedding since I got him in August. His new coat is lighter so I guess its his winter coat. I think the CA weather confuses him, poor thing. Sonora is her usual self. They are still in separate pens but they are very close together now. They pretty much ignore each other lol.

So how are everyone elses rabbits doing?
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Well, Dutchie is all recovered from surgery (neuter) and I think he's forgiven me...he's the same love bunny he's always been.
Lucky...well, I'm not quite sure what to think of Lucky. His neuter had NO effect on his behavior (or hyperness) in any way. His toilet habits are still the same (in a good way, completely litter trained) but for some odd reason, the fur just above his nose has turned WHITE! So now, he's a blue netherland dwarf with a white spot above his nose. Shane and I both looked at it and at the skin and everything, nothing is of concern, healthy skin, never had any injuries or's as if over the past couple of months the fur just decided to grow out white! (Very weird) It's almost as if he got white paint dabbed on it.

Here are a few pics of what I'm talking about (since I FINALLY got a new memory card reader )
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Wow mandie you and your weird fur changes!!!!

Mine are going well. Molly is super happy cause Shadow will NOT leave the doors to the spare room alone and no matter how we block it she gets in (that room is full of poisons...which I'm making Alex dispose of after christmas) so Molly gets lots of free time now! Shadow is pissed but we let her out every time we are making a meal or cleaning their cages but as soon as we leave that room she has to go back in her cage.
They are both in good health, coping with the heat fine and they are both long haired again (groan, why didn't the fur just stay short!) and I need to attend to a couple of matts in hard to reach areas.
Molly loves Milko and has found herself a friend! They both think Milko's cat tree is the best toy mummy could ever have bought!

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Glad to hear they are doing well. Mandie, Lucky Jack's nose is crazy! How weird.
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