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How to transition an outdoor bunnie to indoors?

I am about to get a bunny, a mini rex, for my children. I have never had a bunnie before. Right now it is outside and I will be possibly be bringing it home this week. In my area the high is around 55 degrees right now, but on Friday it will be below freezing.
Do I need to do anything special to help it transition to the warm temps of inside? Or should it be ok? My upstairs heat has not been on yet and it is about 65 degrees up there...would that be ok?
Thank for your help!
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Mini rexes are bred without the top layer of fur most other bunnies have and shed way less. I was blessed with sharing my life and home with a beautiful mini rex for 3 years or so and I know they are the most wonderful breed if that is what someone is aiming for. I have no doubt it should be a nice companion for your kids IF and only if YOU are prepared to handle the majority of the responsibility.
If you never had a bunny before then you need to stop and ask yourself why you are getting one. A bunny is not like a caged hamster and not quite like a dog but they require a lot of money, time and research before obtaining one. If you are getting it just because your kids want it you need to make sure you are ready for the commitment. A bunny can live up to 15 years as long as it is given a suitable life which includes a LARGE enclosure (I really despise the main pet store rabbit cages, a bunny needs to jump around and strtch and they simply are not big enough), good quality food (Oxbow and Martins are the 2 best ones which are about 10$ for the small bag), good quality hay at all times (the roughage allows for bunny to maintain her sensitive metabolism again the small bag of Oxbow is about 10$), toys (bunnies get bored! My Acacia loves rattles so I cleaned out the baby section of the dollar store, toys dont need to be expensive but experiment to which kind yours will like. Most bunnies chew cardboard like their life depended on it so that's basically free), time to run around free in the house to mingle with her family members.
Like I said, bunnies are complex and require a lot of mental stimulation. All bunny mama's need to be aware that teeth and a love for chewing will end up with one or two chewed wires, remotes, walls, baseboards, books, childrens toys, etc. . . EVERYTHING becomes bunnies! lol You must be careful because small shards of these things can cause a blockage in bunny's sensitive digestion tract and cost lots and lots of money to get out. A bunny cannot live happily stuck in a cage all day. You can build one out of NIC (neat idea cubes) from Walmart in the laundry section. I built my bunnies cage in the closet when I moved (So did Jess and someone else<sorry I forget who!>) which seems to work well. Provide a door and bunny proof your room and your good to go!
JESS would be the best to advise on transitioning from outdoors to indoors bc her little Smudgsicle adapted this way. is the leading website on everything bunny. It is by the House Rabbit Society and for anything else we can help!
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Hey there, welcome to PT!

I agree with Amanda... IMO, rabbits are like puppies who never grow up: They will always be cute, mischievous, energetic, and destructive LOL! They need lots of space (giving them their own room works best) to run, toys to keep them from destroying your things, ect. You will need to watch your kids with them too, since rabbits generally dont like being held or picked up and dont take too well to rough handling either. That being said, they are amazing pets that will put a smile on your face for many years to come!

Like Amanda mentioned, my Smudge has been an indoor and outdoor bunny. When he was outdoors I would bring him in all the time, and he has been permanently indoors for about 2 years now. Its really not too hard for them to adjust, and your new bun will learn to love the indoor life! I would just make sure that she has a peaceful quite space of her own, and not bother her too much for the first week. She will be pretty overwhelmed going from a quiet backyard to a house full of kids. After she has adjusted a little better, you and your kids can start interacting with her. Oh, you can probably expect a good molting too!

One more question: Is bunny spayed/neutered? If not, you will definatly want to have that done. Their behavioral problems (spraying, not using litter box, marking, ect) arent as annoying when they are kept outside, but once they start peeing on everything in your house.... Its pretty bad! Plus, if your rabbit is fixed and litter box trained, you can let them run for long periods of time without an issue. Smudge has the run of my bedroom for 14 or so hours a day, and you would never guess that there is a rabbit in there! He is near perfect when it comes to using his litter box.

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