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How and what do you clip a rabbits nails with?

Hi i have a question i hope theres some information about this out there. How in the world do you clip your rabbits toenails and what kind of tool do you do it with? My rabbits nails are getting long. I was gonna take him to the vet. BUt ist here an at home way to do it?
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yes, you can definately do it at home. there are small animal nail clippers that you can buy at pet stores, or order online from mostly anywhere that sells small pet supplies. i bought mine at, but always see them in places like PetCo as well.

the easiest way i find to clip the nails is to lay my rabbits on their backs, which is how i usually hold them in my arms anyway. pet his/her head and let them relax and trance out. then it is easier to get access to clip the nails. this is also how my vet does it. it can be easier to have someone help you, but i do it alone. if you're rabbit has clear nails it is much easier to clip them. you look for where the bloodline stops, and clip above it. leave room for error. don't clip too close to the red line especially when you are doing it for the first few times. make sure you do not cut below this line, as it is VERY painful for your rabbit and it will bleed. there is a powder you can buy in case this happens to stop the bleeding.

if you're rabbit has dark nails i feel it is harder to know where to clip them. i usually have my vet do the nails of my rabbit with dark nails. i am too afraid of clipping below the line and making her bleed.

good luck to you!
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The best way to learn how to clip your rabbit's nails is to have your vet show you how to do it.
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On his/her back.

I use a wire cutter - it is strong enough to snip them clean and quick. No fuss, no muss. It really is easy. Especially if you sing to the bunny as you do it.

I clip the dark nails (on my GP) about the same amount as the clear nails on the other paw; same amount and length. Never had a problem.

Sometimes even if clearly above the quick they jump a little bit. If so, just go up another mm or two.

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as a pet groomer of many years i have to agree with have your vet or pet groomer show you.+ always use the correct tools to do the job,nail cutters are not expensive and last for years.You can see the bloodline on the white nails,(the black ones) hold a flashlite up to the nail and you will be able to see the bloodline.I f you cut to short cold water can help stop the bleeding.It is more painful for the cutter than the cutee.
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I have a rabbit with white nails and one with black nails. If you decide to do it yourself, take your time. You don't have to do all of the nails in one day. Let your rabbit get used to you messing with his nails. When you are first learning how, It is best to just cut the very points, not even close to the quick. Every little bit helps, and when you and your rabbit get more relaxed, then you can think about doing the perfect job. Have some powder on hand, as Fane81 mentioned. The brand I buy is called "Quick Stop," but if you can't find any, corn starch will also work to stop bleeding.
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