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Hutch advice

I currently have my rabbit indoors but he really is getting too big for his indoor hutch and my boyfriend is allergic to him so my poor bunny is having to go outside. I am buying him the biggest hutch I can find as he is used to lots of freedom whenever I am around to supervise him. My problem how often I will have to be cleaning him out. With such a huge cage I don't really want to have to clean it every other day. At the moment he is generally very clean so I thought about putting a litter tray in a corner but don't know what kind of litter to buy. He eats anything...I tried giving him some bedding once because all he did was eat the hay but he started woofing it down... and it was bright blue! Because of this I really don't want to give him anything that would be harmful. Has anyone got any tried and tested litter options?
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The best litter stuff to use is the one I buy from Pets at home, it is woodbased, pine scented and biodegradable, a large bag costs 6 - 8 and lasts for ages... A good litter tray to get is the corner ones, again from Pets at home... My 4 bunnies live in a large shed, if you cant get one of those, then just get the biggest cage you can, and make sure you clean it out regularly, especially in the summer, when Fly strike is at its worst.. Another thing to do to protect your bunny from fly strike, is get a lotion from your vets, and you put it around the bunnies bottom area, and this helps keep flies etc away.. Regarding food, the above pet shop also sells great varieties of hay, so see which one yours prefers..
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I always thought "pine scented" litters are harmful to the rabbit's respiratory system. So says my little rabbit guide book that I bought last year.

I use Carefresh.
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Pine scented is one thing, Pine with the oils is another. I personally do use pine, but I use KILN DRIED pine in which the oils are removed from the shavings. It's very dry and doesn't smell like pine either. If you use pine, make sure it's KILN DRIED and it should say so on the label. I tried Carefresh once, but it got too nasty and stinky too quickly and stuck to EVERYTHING. It was so gross! You could also try Yesterday's News which is made from recycled paper and is non-toxic if injested. Aspen is another safe wood bedding to use. Of course, you could also just go with newspaper, but your rabbit will end up with dirty looking feet
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I use an aussie version of yesterday news and love it! I line the bottom of their cage with newspaper and they have dirty looking feet from the newspaper print but they lvoe ripping it up so it stays! I have used newspaper before as litter and found it totally ineffective. It just doesn't soak up anything and if I wasn't there to remove the soiled newspaper the rabbits would go elsewhere cause their tray was wet!

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I use Carefresh litter. It isnt harmful for bunnies.
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The litter stuff I use is not that strong smelling, and I have seen it recommended somewhere else..
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I would suggest a litter tray that is nice & large so your bunny will have something to amuse himself in his hutch. Our bunnies use their litter trays as a chew & poo station & constantly visit during day so I'd recommend lining the tray with newspaper & topping with heaps of good quality hay. This encourages your bunny to visit regularly & have something to do there at the same time (our's love their trays). I change the trays everyday so they have somewhere fresh to visit. As for the floor of the enclosure, either place newspaper down or some old towels for him to play with. Then all you'll need to do is change the tray daily and refresh the towels & newspaper every couple of days (depending how clean your bunny will be).

Just for interest, I found that when I moved one of my desexed boys outside from inside a little while back (he's back inside again now), his toilet habits changed dramatically & he started to not use his tray. When he came back inside, he is again very neat & now does use his tray - it will be interesting to see if your bunny changes his ways like Gus did.
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Thanks for the advice. Bob (my rabbit) is now happily living in his new 'mansion'. At the moment his litter tray just has newspaper and sawdust in because I was waiting for your advice til I bought some litter. It is going very well, no sign of anything anywhere except in his tray. I also lift his tray into the house for when he comes indoors and there have been no accidents so far!
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