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Unhappy I WILL make a diaper!!!

Harry is really getting on my nerves these days! He used to use the litter box like a good little bunny is supposed to, with only a few slip ups here and there which were fine with me. I don't mind cleaning, after all. Lately, Harry has been pooping everywhere except the litter box! So...I thought maybe the corn cob was too hard for his majesty's tushie, so I switched to ultra carefresh in the litter box and aspen bedding in the cage. This worked for about a day. I cleaned the whole shed today in hopes that Harry's behaviour had turned around. I was sooo wrong. I came back in the shed about an hour after I got done cleaning Harry's play pen, cage, house, litter box, straw mat, and toys. What do I see? Poopies, poopies everywhere!!! Not only did Harry poop on everything including his recently cleaned foodbowl, but he also is going back to having very very soft droppings. I don't understand this at all. I have ruled out all foods that could be causing diarrhea including carrots, which are Harry's favorite treats.
The most frustrating thing is, as soon as Harry gets done pooping, he sits in it, so I don't have a chance to clean up after him before he could get dirty. Does he enjoy sitting in a steaming, wet, stinky pile of...poo?
I once read that rabbits were clean by nature and did not go to the bathroom near their food. Harry doesn't seem to care at all where he goes! He still eats, drinks, plays, and acts normally, so I don't know what could be wrong. The vet has done tests before, but since he has to go in for a check up soon anyways, I'll ask the vet to do more tests. I don't want Harry to be/get sick, as I have no clue what this messy problem is all about. Any suggestions are welcome!
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Sorry about Harry. I wish I had some idea as to why his behavior has changed, but I don't. The only suggestion I have is maybe you could turn his cage into a wire bottom cage. At building supply stores you can purchase vinyl or plastic coated wire for cage bottoms. Cut it the same size as your cage bottom and attach it to the sides with wire. You may need to put some boards across the bottom for support. Then his dropping can fall under the cage onto newspaper for easier cleaning and the coated wire is pretty easy on the feet and he will stay cleaner. Good luck.
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sorry to hear about Harry! i hope he isn't sick! i'm not sure what the problem could be, but my rabbits are usually real good about their litter boxes UNTIL they get diarrhea, and then all bets are off. they just let loose where ever they are! i wonder if they get nervous that their something is wrong with thier tummies and don't think to get into the litterbox? anyway- i found out that my girls were getting to many raisins. and i guess this threw off their whole balance. so... when i corrected that problem they were fine and the diarrhea went away. i'm sure as soon as you find out what is in Harry's diet that is giving him mushy poos you will be able to get him back to using the litter box. i don't know why they refuse to have diarrhea in their boxes! silly little bunnies! well, anyway- i hope you find out what the probem is real soon and that it is nothng serious. hope Harry feels better.
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Just to let you know Natalie, I have the same problem with Billy and Harvey, they miss the litter trays 90% of the time..
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I always heard that bunnies were dirty animals and would go anywhere and if its not cleaned up would even eat them
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I have the same issues with Sparkie...when he's in his cage he's pretty neat but as soon as I let him out he runs around popping everywhere and marking random objects. Because of that, he can't be free-range like the others . Sparkie and Harry are the same breed...maybe Rex bunnies are messy?

Stash and Elvis aren't littertrained either, they destroy litterboxes. But they are good about only going in their cage.

Male rabbits in general seem tough to housetrain.

Are you sure Harry isn't sick?


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Thanks for the tips, guys.
Bunnies are not messy animals by nature. They do eat their droppings, but only the ones called cecotrophs, which are extra soft and contain nutrients the rabbit didn't pick up the first time of digestion. It has nothing to do with cleanliness of the cage.
It's good to know that I'm not the only one with this kind of problem.
I'm pretty sure Harry's not sick. The last time Harry was sick, nothing was wrong, so I doubt something's wrong this time. He is going to the vet relatively soon, so I'll see then. If he gets worse, though, then I'll bring him in for sure.
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Is he neutered?

If not it might be worth getting him done, it'll help considerably with litter training
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I wish he wasn't neutered and that would stop his problem, but alas, he is neutered.
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Originally Posted by Millimi
I once read that rabbits were clean by nature and did not go to the bathroom near their food.
aww I feel your pain! my bunny LOVES to poop in his food and water bowls. I move them around to make sure it's not the CORNER he likes to go in, but he'll always choose to go inside the dish. I have read somewhere too that if you neuter or spay your rabbit, it's much easier to potty train them. Plus, it's better for their temperament and they won't have these hormones to bother them. But if your rabbit is still playing and having fun, then I really don't know if that's the problem :\ perhaps a bit of reinforcement would be good. Feed him every time you see him poop in the litter box and keep some hay in front of the box as well. Good luck! I know it's gona take a looooong time for mine to get potty trained lol...hes a bad baaaad bunny
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Pooping and peeing everywhere
Rabbits CAN be litter trained. Rabbits are naturally tidy animals when it comes to the toilet. In the wild, rabbits will use one spot as the toilet, as leaving poops everywhere will let predators know that there are rabbits around, and may lead them to the warren. Most rabbits will poop in the same place if you provide them with a toilet in safe place. Put a few litter trays around to help your rabbit become accustomed to using the litter tray. Place some hay or pellets in the tray to make it a good place to visit frequently. If you give rabbits too much space to roam around in initially, they seem to forget how to use the litter box. Restrict the area your rabbit can roam around in until he/she is using the litter box, then slowly extend the area. Once rabbits are litter trained, they may leave the odd poop around just to let everyone know that this is their territory.

If your rabbit is not spayed or neutered, it can be part of the problem. Unneutered/unspayed rabbits tend to mark territory much more than altered rabbits.

Info from:

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Harry is litter trained and neutered, as I said in my above posts.
Harry is still being horrible, but I love him anyways.
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How large is his cage/hutch? The larger space span that you have the more they poop outside their box due to territory marking.

Even after years of being housebroken/litterbox trained your rabbit may feel he needs to mark his territory if the space he is provided is large enough to make him warrant that decision.

Try decreasing his space and moving his dishes far away from his litter box and see if that helps - if you do this just make sure he gets lots of time outside of his home to play and hop around.
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If you search for pictures of my shed, you'll see my set up. It's hard to explain. Do you think it would help if he had two litterboxes?
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Hey Millimi.
Yes having multpile litter boxes will help a great deal with the pooping problem. scatter them around the shed. I will search for pictures of your shed. Your a loving bunny mom giving him aple space tolive in. most people keep them in tiny cages. SAD!
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