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Unhappy Inside house buns... tearing up everything...

How many of you keep your bun inside?

I have Coco in a caged "area" on a linolium floor and he has torn up the floor and hubby is ready to throw him in a stew pot. When I let him roam in the playroom he starts to pull at the carpet threads. I have wood and cardboard chew objects in his cage but it doesn't seem to be enough...

Is there something I can do from keeping him from being so destructive?
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Im sorry, but thats the way rabbits are. Thats the way they act and nothing can change that. If you didnt know this, werent prepared for this or didnt think this would happen, you shouldnt have the animal in the first place. You could get him nuetered, this may help with some of his destructiveness related to hormones.
I really hope your kidding when you say your hubby is ready to throw him in the stew pot...
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Perhaps you need a large cage to put your rabbit in, and just allow him in the caged area when you can supervise him. I have gotten used dog cages pretty cheap, and they make wonderful rabbit cages. I have put shelves in them for rabbits to lay on and little wooden boxes etc. For smaller rabbits, I have had to cover the the cage with wire.
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Has he been neutered? If not, definitely get that done asap.

But honestly, rabbits tear and chew. It's just how they are. You can try offering him other objects to tear up like boxes and old telephone books, that might distract him. Always make sure he has something to do as he seems to have an active mind--and I don't mean give him wooden chew toys. Try hiding treats around, make a special area for digging (have a box filled with paper and/or hay, for example), and give him toys that he can play with rather than just chew (hanging toys, balls, ones you can hide treats in, etc.).

Make sure that you're playing with him every day since he's your only rabbit. They're really social animals and can get destructive if left alone all the time. I have a rabbit who has to be kept alone because she's extremely aggressive towards other rabbits; I find that if I don't play with her or give her a walk outside every day she'll start getting into trouble (out of boredom and as a way to get attention, I assume).


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Just so we all know... no... my hubby wouldn't really put my bun in a stew pot... but i have to say... he makes a real cute elmer fudd...
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Did you rabbit proof the areas he's out in? I have three indoor rabbits who live in an extra room in my apartment, and have kept the room from being destroyed by rabbit proofing it.

I suggest you get a cage with some kind of bottom so he can't get to the floor underneith. Even if all you do is buy a old rug to put under his cage or use a pieces of plywood or thick cardboard.

When he's outside his cage, only let him out in a rabbit proofed area. If you can't make the whole room safe for him, then instead you could try getting him a play pen to run around in. To keep my rabbits from destroying the floor I went out and got a sisal rug to cover the floor and put plastic tarp under that so if the pee it doesn't soak into the floor.

Really the best way to keep a rabbit from destroying something is to find a way to keep them away from it.

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My rabbits live outside, but I would only recommend putting rabbits outside if you enjoy spending a lot of time outside.

FuzzyBottom, would you care to share with us why you decided to get a rabbit as a house pet? I know I have seen rabbits in magazines in pet playpens and no mention was ever made that they might rip up the flooring. I have read that rabbit proofing a house is much like child proofing a house, but I know of no children that rip up flooring. Perhaps this comparison gives people the wrong impression. I was wonder what your understanding of rabbit behavior before you adopted Coco?
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I had no bunny experience when I found my first rabbit. She was a wonderful little bun but she didn't prepare me for being a real bun mom. Oliver and Ophelia showed me how much trouble a bun could get into! My husband and I made them a 4 level cage with a linoleum over plywood bottom. It looked fantastic when we were done. With in probably 2 weeks the linoleum bottom was torn up. It really looks bad but I am not ready to try again. They have chewed up the baseboards in their room and even put holes in the dry wall (thankfully they have stopped that). Penelope has ripped up the carpet in her room and chewed up the woodwork. I am planning on putting laminate down in her room. When we do that and replace the woodwork I will put a fence around the room with NIC pieces. And my hubby was not too pleased about the woodwork in the hall being chewed up. But mine doesn't blame the buns - he blames me! I didn't chew on the woodwork!

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I'd suggest a playpen on a coroplast bottom. Coroplast is difficult for them to tear up, but also cheap if they do manage to. WE typically use puppy playpens as "cages" for when we can't supervise, and when the bunnies are out give them lots of attention and destructable toys.

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I built NIC pens for both my bunnies. Both have all kinds of things to play with , Akina doesnt play with toys so she has a few phonebook and blankies to make 'cabins' in..Acacia has just about every baby or cat toy I could find ^-^ rattles are her favorite. Neither bunny chews on the carpet , thankfully, but if they were to be out running around and got into bad behavirs the I snap my fingers at the same tme I say "stop that" and they stop then they get praise.. Just be sure to have tonnes of stuff to entertain your unny while your not ble too
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Luckily Holly isn't TOO bad he doesn't do anything to the walls etc though he does love chewing the carpet... I dug out my old duvet cover and covered most of the floor with it and happily he is fine to chew the carpet THROUGH it so that he can get the satisfaction but won't eat the fibres (the carpet is pretty old, I'm more worried about his poor tummy). I do want to get him a playpen though, right now he has access to my whole bedroom, but if I can get a good set up with a playpen and his cage he'll be more able to hop out into the pen and not get at anything he could potentially damage even if I'm not quite supervising... idk.

My litter is a recycled paper though and the bags it comes in are quite thick recycled paper/card as well, so when they run out I just leave the bags and he has fun chewing at them, ripping them a bit and tossing them around. I also have some cardboard down on the carpeting under my desk chair and he tears at that as well. I'm pretty sure his chewing is starting to increase though so I'm waiting a bit and then I'll take him to the vet for a follow-up about his head tilt and see if it's time for neutering him.

(lol and yup, I can hear him behind me, gnawing on the duvet cover.)
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Alot of people suggested putting carpet or something in there, This is very dangerous, especially for a bunny who likes to destroy things, It really doesnt take much carpet fiber to make a bunny dangerously ill, or even kill it.

I would recommend putting sheets of plywood under his pen. that way he can dig at it as much as he wants and you can replace it after awhile.. Altho, wood will absorb and hold odors. You could tile the sheet of plywood. If you go to a flooring store they usually have some random tiles for sale real cheap, because they don't have enough left to do a room. We planned on making a cage out of NIC cubes and doing the floor with tiles. But when we moved this house, we set her up 'temporarily' in the kitchen, with her little cage connected to her play yard, and she really likes it, and luckily we haven't had any problems, so we've just left her like this. But we still plan on making her another cage out of the cubes.. eventually

Also, maybe you could make your bunn some type of digging box? Someone here on the forum once said something about using a small pet carrier with the metal door taken off, this might be a good idea for your bun.. you can fill it with shredded paper and/or hay. But i would use something thats either disposable, like a box, or easy to clean, because i would think they may also use this as a potty box.

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I got a sisal rug for my bunny room. It's made of natural plant fibers and is safe for bunnies to eat. Grass mats sold for bunnies and a lot of bunny toys are made of sisal. My bunnies don't chew rugs anyways, but I got it just in case someone decided to take a nibble. I think I mentioned that I used sisal for my rug but didn't clarify that sisal is bunny safe even if they do decide to snack on it (which luckily my bunnies haven't done yet!).

If you make a dig box I wouldn't use hay. I mean, you can if you want, but my rabbits turn every box filled with hay into a litter box. I fill another box for them with just paper and they haven't gone to the bathroom in it yet. They all have a blast shredding the paper though

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house buns...

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