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Talking Just Picked Up My Oxbow Products...

I just picked up my Oxbow products from the distributor I found and so far they are a big hit with the buns. I bought Oxbow Bunny Basics T (timothy pellets) and a big bag of orchard grass. They love the orchard grass and even like the timothy pellets (to my surprise). I am so excited because I can get these high quality products from this distributor (the local pet stores around here don't carry them). Plus, the products are cheaper than if I had bought them at a store! I am saving tons of money on hay and food now. I also ordered two huge bags of hay for next week (timothy and oat) and a 20lb bag of Feline Pine. The Feline Pine was only $10!!! I am so thrilled right now. I know I must sound silly but I was spending a fortune and having to go to the pet store every week before!

I highly recommend Oxbow to all the bunny people here.
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Oxbow has great hay That is all we used to use in the states, and after our picky chinnies didn't seem to like the hay around here, we went back to ordering hay from the states and having it shipped over. We order 9 pound bundles at a time, it lasts us awhile, needing it now that we have the buns too.....Chinchillas.com was kind enough to give us a 15 oz. orchard grass hay and a hay hangie thingie (that is in the buns cage), they love the timothy hay and orchard grass, although being so young still they get their hay hangie thingie filled with alfalfa hay as well
We currently have them on Purnia Advanced Formula for show rabbits, we are able to get it through a feed store in N.Y. for 50 pounds at $11 a bag + shipping. N.Y. is less on shipping charges seeing as that is where the Federal Post Office is that all of our mail goes through, so we tried to play it smart with that one........
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Awesome Kim. The Oxbow products are great. I usually purchase Alfalfa King hay products from Petco. The hay is high quality, and very green and fresh. The problem is that its super expensive for a 1lb bag. I usually get a bag of timothy and a bag of 3 way (oat,wheat, barley). Each 1lb bag is around $5! And I use them up within a week! So I knew I had to find another way, plus I wanted to get my bunnies off of alfalfa pellets. So I went on Oxbow's site and it had a list of retailers. I called around and none of the listed stores carried the stuff. I tried one more listing and its actually a small company run out of a lady's home. Its called Furry Foods. I ordered a 40 oz bag of orchard grass (only $5!) a 10lb bag of timothy pellets (only $9!), and 9lb bag of oat hay ($17), a 40oz bag of timothy (only $5!) and a 20lb bag of Feline Pine for only $10 (like I mentioned already ) I am sooo happy because I was spending so much money before and I had to keep going to the pet store over and over. I was going to Wal-Mart weekly and spending $10 on a 7lb bag of Feline Pine! It was really adding up. So now I don't need to go to those stores anymore. Its just a short drive to the distributor's house for better and cheaper products.
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Way to go Veggiegirl!!! You really can't go wrong with Oxbow! My bunny also loves it!! I wish all the rabbit vets could provide Oxbow since it IS the best pellets and hay a bunny can have!
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Even though I don't have rabbits, I use Oxbow hay and pellets for my chins. When I had the old food, I'd never see the chins eating the pellets, only the good stuff.

Now that they're on Oxbow, I actually see them eating pellets! I will never switch them again! I'm very pleased with their products to say the least!
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