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Keeping bunny calm

I own a 3 year old lionhead rabbit as a pet.

I moved in with my boyfriend to a new house and the rabbit is fine here. Unfortunately this weekend there is an airshow very close to the house, so jets will be flying overhead all this weekend from fri-sunday.

I plan on moving him into the bedroom with all shades closed with the ac going on low for a constant cover up noise. I was planning on leaving him alone the whole day to chill. I was also going to give him plenty of toys and kale to keep himself busy.

My question is, are there any methods that anyone knows to help keep rabbits calm? Sho8uld I just keep a blanket over the whole cage? Any sort of lavender oils to help calm? Should I keep any light in the room? Should I visit to help calm? What are peoples suggestions?


concerned bunny owner
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First of all... I LOVE your bunnies little hair-do! Thats adorable!

Has your bun ever heard an airshow before? He might not be as scared as you think- My rabbits hear lots of loud noises, and as long as its not high pitched (Like a fire alarm going off) they dont really react... They handle it alot better than my dog does!
But if it does bother your bun... Does he have a favorite place to hide? If Smudge does get spooked by something, he always hides in the back corner under my bed. Just make sure your bunny can hide somewhere where he feels safe and secure. Stay with him when the noises first start, so you can see how he reacts. And personally I would not keep him in his cage, incase he bolts... You dont want him to feel trapped or injure himself.

Oh, and keep his favorite treats on hand too of course!

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Rescue Remedy is a great homeopathic remedy for pets, including bunnies, it calms them down. Lavender and Chamomile also calm down bunnies, and they're perfectly safe to nibble on. Although...if you can't get them organically, you'd probably be better off with just Rescue Remedy. You want to stay away from essential oils, since their phenols are quite strong and could upset your bunny's nose, plus if you have any cats in the house, essential oils are toxic to them.
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Do loud noises usually bother your bunny?

We had an airshow here a couple of weeks ago! My bunnies didn't care at all. Loud noises outside don't usually bother my rabbits at all.

You're plan sounds fine - just draw the shades and leave the AC on. If he likes your company you can hang out with him too. I wouldn't cover his cage or change anything too much. Try to keep things as routine as possible. Changing things suddenly might make him more nervous.

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I agree with the above advice if he starts freaking out I would sit with him until he calms so he knows nothing will hurt him. He might be fine with it to though you never know but just in case I would do what your planning on doing and take the others advice. We have a train go by where we keep our bunnies(I live in 3 different houses and my pets are spread out between them, if you would like to know why please pm and don't ask on here thank you) about 2-4 times an hour and we live 3 houses down from the tracks and it doesn't freak them out but all rabbits and animals in general are different. I agree with Dragontrain completely about not changing his routine as it could make him more nervous as stated by Dragontrain.
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He is ok with noises but I think it is the vibrations that bother him. They are right over the house and it just vibrates to no end. Today they were practicing over the house and he was doing laps and thumping until they stopped. He was panting and breathing a mile a minute! I felt so bad....
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If nobody else mentioned it I was going to, but they did!! Bunnies despise change in their routines!! So changing his room and whatever would upset him and cause him to react badly. I'm sorry to hear he actually responds badly to the noise but as long as he knows your voice sit near his cage or wherever he is hiding and talk camly to him.
Acacia hates the vacuum and hides and thumps constantly but i try to talk over the sound if she's still in the room and tell her it's okay. Akina must have been partially deaf because she would approach the vacuum while it was on!!
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