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Laziness a concern?

Hello all! I haven't posted in a while, but this has been bugging me so I finally decided to ask your opinions ...

My bunny Hoddy Toddy just turned 1 in July, and I've had him for a year this September. When I first got him I kept him in his cage. Then I started letting him out for little romps in a small area around his cage. This eventually graduated to his current state of having the downstairs his to roam, and I only put him in his cage at night. (He's wonderfully litter trained.)

He used to be super energetic and run around, play in the vertical blinds, binky all over the place, follow me and explore the piles when I did laundry, etc. These days he just reclines, either right outside his cage or in his cage. He'll run up if he thinks I have a treat for him, and he'll get up to quickly obey the tricks I've taught him, but that's about it. He rarely runs around, seldom strays far from his cage, and doesn't even binky much anymore.

He still has a healthy appetite. I give him about 1/4 cup of pellets in the morning and in the evening - which he gobbles. He gets lots of fresh hay to munch on all day/night. And he drinks plenty of water.

Should I be concerned that he seems so lazy and uninterested?

P.S. I had him neutered when he was 6 months old - just an FYI

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Is he an only bunny? Lucky did that too. His cage would be open all day and he would hardly ever come out. We thought he was we got him a friend. Since being bonded with Molly...he has been more active...although they do just lay around a lot just snuggling.
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Maybe you could try making him some tunnels or mazes! Henry loves tunnels and goes nuts when I put him in the basement to go for big runs. He loves the ..traction? on the carpet. But yea, try some box tunnels and maybe some new places to explore, that's all I'd know to do.

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OK! Update. We randomly decided to get rid of and/or rearrange some furniture downstairs - Hoddy Toddy's domain. All of the furniture we got rid of had been here since we first got him, so it's not like any of it was added recently and freaked him out and that's why he stopped running around so much. But we have these two small arm chairs that when we first got him we had side-to-side. And then at one point we decided to put them in kind of an L shape, with one of them with its back to his cage. Now, it's not like it was up against his cage at all. There was plenty of room between his cage and the chair. With this furniture re/moving, though, we arranged the chairs back to being side-to-side. Anyway, it's sort of hard to explain without drawing your guys a blueprint ... but basically, Toddy now has a clear view of the entire room from his cage. He comes out into the middle of the room and goes down the hallway so much more often now! I still think he's a bit of a lazy bum ... but this is a big difference to how he was acting just like, a week ago. I don't know if it has to do with changing the lay-out of the room, so now it interests him more, or the fact that now he can see the whole room and so perhaps feels more at ease. Either way, I'm happy he doesn't appear so depressed.

*He is an only bunny. I've been thinking of getting him a bunny friend ... I just need to convince my fiance! And I knowww I'm no substitute for another bunny, but the reason I've been stalling in getting him a friend is that I work from home, so I spend nearly all day long downstairs with him, working from my computer on the floor (you should see the rug burns on my elbows - ouch).

*I don't know why he's such a weirdo, but I've never been able to interest him in tunnels! I tried making things out of blankets, and leaving boxes around and stuff, and he just seems scared by it all.
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I have a lazy bunny too!
Maisey is only 5 months old but she is soooooo lazy...i have had her checked over and she is totally healthy she just loves to flop and chill out!!! I am glad your bunny is hopping about more! xx

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Nino just turned 6 months old and she is starting to look a little lazy. She runs around for a bit when she comes out of her cage. Then she just flops down on her favorite spot in the room and lies there for a long time. When she gets bored of that she'll start exploring the room and hop up and down a folding chair for fun but most of the time she's usually lying down.
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Part of Toddy's laziness might be the fact that he does get out to play so often, so if he only spends a little bit of time playing actively, you might not even see it. I know that Flash really only plays and runs around for less than an hour each day, even though I usually let him out of his cage for 3-4 hours daily. He spends quite a bit of that time just lying down in the middle of the living room, or even staying in his cage, especially when I let him out in the afternoon, which is when he usually just sleeps. I don't think bunnies are really active for as much time per day on average as we sometimes think they are. They just seem more active, because they can cause so much damage in such a short period of time...

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Yeah Fromper, that's what I tried to convince myself. That the reason he appeared so lazy is because he was out all of the time and so didn't always take advantage of it, because it wasn't special anymore. Back when he was only given limited time outside of his cage he would go bonkers! But I suppose he's jaded now ... But like I said earlier, we did get rid of and move some furniture around the room, and he seems to be more active. I wonder if opening up the area appeals to him, or if its just merely the change that piques his curiosity ... who knows!
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Sounds like he's incredibly well adjusted and loves his life, to me! You've covered health issues,and those are good, so perhaps he is bored and just needed a little change to get him curious and active again!

He's absolutely BEAUTIFUL...He deserves to be my Bunny of the Week sometime soon! Is there a picture you would like to submit to me for my website?

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