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Lily is being spayed...

on Tuesday 1st May and I am scared. Lily is so tiny for her age and so nervous I just hate the thought of her putting her through it.

Lily is only 1 yr and 3 months old and I was going to put the op off for a few months had it not been for the fact that her nails are really long and need trimming. I thought it would make it less stressful for her to get it both done at the same time.

Any one got any experiences with spaying females? Is the op a relatively safe one (if any open surgery can be), how long will it take her to recover? The vet has advised she will need a course of antibiotics after, how will I administer this?

Please keep Lily in your thoughts on Tuesday... she will certainly be in mine.

Scared Kim and very nervous Lily.
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Will It Ever Change?
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awww *hugs* you're in my prayers

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude." - Amy Tan
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Oh, good luck! I hope she has a speedy recovery!
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Don't be too nervous. I have had my Ophelia and Penelope spayed. Ophelia was young when she was done. Not really sure how old but no more than 5 months I think. She was fine. It really didn't phase her a bit. Penelope is at least a year old but I would guess no more than 3. She was a bit sore the day after. I took her back and they gave her pain meds. She was fine once they kicked in. She was on them for 10 days. It was a liquid that smelled like honeysuckle. I had to force it on her twice and then she LOVED it. It is a liquid that is administered through a syringe. When she saw me with the syringe she hopped happily over. I would push the plunger down slowly and she liked it off the tip. I think she may have been said when the 10 days were up.
Neither of my buns were sent home with antibiotics. Although when I had Tabby she was on one - baytril - and she LOVED it as much as Penelope loved the metacam. They both would try and grab the syringe if it didn't come out quickly enough.
I am sure she will be fine. And remember once this is over you won't have to worry about cancer. Many female bunnies develop cancer in the later years.

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Thank you for all your kind words. Nearly there now, cant wait for that call to say she has come round from the aneasthetic!

Will let you know how she gets on.
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