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Litter Training Help!

Pssh. Sunny is so content on angering me.

I've been *trying* to litter train her. She isn't spayed, [but soon will be, soon meaning the next few weeks] and I know that would make this a breeze.

I try and pet her everytime I see her in the litter tray or treat her, but, that's the thing. She's never in it -_-.

Now, she'll pee just fine. But poo is everyyywhere!

Is there anyway to help her? I try and give her a hint by putting her poop in there, but she just ignores it. The only time SHE'LL actually poop in it is if I set her in there while she's eating, so the poop just falls. That's pitiful LOL!

I'd appreciate some help..idk what to do.


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The spaying is really the only thing that will help at this point. Rabbits mark their terrority by pooing around it, and because she's hormonal and territorial, that's what she's doing.

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One girl on another forum I used to visit, fixed the problem by actually attaching the food bowl to the litter pan, so that her rabbit did exactly that - poo while eating. You could also pile her hay in her litter pan, just obviously make sure you keep a good eye on it and that she's not eating soiled hay or anything.

Apparently many people have had good luck with putting their rabbit's hay in the litterbox. Personally I've never done it. I just sweep up my rabbit's poos and dump them in the litter box(she's in a 4 x 8 foot homemade rabbit cage), so her poos aren't really harming anything.
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Yes, Akina's water bottle is attached over her litter so she drinks and poo's and her hay sits in another litter box. Acacia has her hay in her litter box in a hay racks. They poo outside their cages to mark territory so sweep it up and dump it n the litter box. Pick her up and put her in it and praise her with a raisen or something so she'll associate it with good things. Good luck!!
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