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Litter-training my bunnies?

I have 3 different rabbits... all have their own different cages... So far only one is decently litter-box trained and he was trained by his previous owners... who did a great job. I recently got an albino lop-ear and am trying to box-train her but am not so good at it. She seems to avoid the box. I pay attention to where she leaves her pee and pills and place the litterbox there but she will just choose a different place to potty. Any tips for litterbox training? I have read the part on House Rabbit Society over and over but i don't quite understand it.
I also have a 16 year old lionhead rabbit. He is arthiritic and has special needs because of a crippled leg. I put a litterbox in his cage and he takes no interest in it at all. It is low and he has easy access to it but he will not go anywhere near it. It doesn't help that he grew up his entire life able to poop wherever he stood and it would land in a tray and he is also not neutered. I have consulted a vet and they agree it'd be too dangerous to put him under.

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What are you using as litter for the litter-box? I've found with my bunny that putting hay on top of wood shavings in his pan encourages him to go there. Bunnies often like to poop as they munch on a piece of hay, so this might encourage her to poop in the pan. As far as the pee, if she figures out that the pan is where you go poop, then she may decide to pee there as well. Also you can try putting her pan somewhere where she feels very comfortable, and this might also encourage her. Unlike cats, bunnies like to have their food near their litter pan, so you might try putting her food near her litter pan.
Hope this helped
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Gooberia has good advice. I use litter boxes in all of my cages, and my rabbits use them, but when I let then out of their cages, it is a different story. If I move the litter box in their cage, they will do their business in the spot where their box was. I have a therapy rabbit that uses his litter box in his cage, and poops and pees on the floor in my house, but when I take him to visit a nursing home, he holds it until he gets home. He has never had an accident while doing his visits.
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