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Looking for product: New-Skin

Phosphy has a hock sore on one of her paws .

She has a wire bottom cage, but absolutely every inch of it is covered with a fleece very plushy bedding, and the small area that isn't is covered with her litterbox.

I've read that it's just one of those things that some bunns get (like Zeus, I read), but nevertheless it looks pretty menancing. It's not open or enflamed or woozing or bleeding.

Anyway, on this website, it mentions (at the verrry bottom) a highly effective product called New-Skin.

Has anyone ever tried it? Is it effective? If so, where can I get it? I can't seem to find it anywhere online


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I'm not sure - do they mean that stuff made for people? Like a liquid bandaid type product? Maybe you could find it in a pharmancy?

But are you sure it's sore hocks? It's actually pretty common for rabbits to develope bald patches on their feet since they don't have pads like cats and dogs do. Sometimes they develope bald spots where the fur is worn away, kind of like how people develope hard callasus on the bottom of their feet to help protect the delicate areas.

If it's just a bald area, and the skin is the normal pink color then it's probably not sore hocks. Sore hocks are usually red, inflamed, or even open wounds. If it's just a small bald pink area, I wouldn't treat it at all. This is normal and treatment probably won't have any effect.

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Oh goodness, that makes me feel a lot better! I was worried it might quickly turn into an irreversable open wound, although I didn't think I was doing anything to encourage little phosphatase's wounds.

Maybe later tonight (I have a two hour final in 30 minutes) I can post a picture...and if you wouldn't mind, you could have a look at it?

We'd both much appreciate it.

Thanks again!!!
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Our vet gave us Calendula cream for Lucky's feet. It smells real pretty and as soon as he gets back in his cage he washes it off his feet. We stopped putting it on and his feet have not got any worse. His sores looked more like a callous not open wounds. The vet said that if their nails are not short enough it puts pressure on their heels. She compared it to us walking on our elbows. We had a wire grid in his litterbox which we removed for the time being.
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New skin is a human product similar to a liquid band aid thing. My dad used it for years on his nails to protect an on going infection. I am not sure they make it anymore but you used to be able to buy it over the counter at a drug store and supermarket. I would call your vet and make sure it is safe to use on a bunyy in case they ingest it. It seems to me I remember it smelling horrid so there may be something quite dangerous in it. Hope this helps!
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I had a liquid bandage thing - and it stung really bad! I was surprised at how much it hurt when I put it on. Of course if you have a cut in an odd area it could be a humans only option. I would never put it on a pet though. It stung way too much.
If they haven't already, they really should come out with one that does not hurt so bad to use!

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