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meaning of "nips"

Alex likes to "nip" Ryo's hind end. and this makes Ryo upset, so she starts acting a tad agressive. i am wondering if this nip is a playful nip, or an agressive nip. i would had thought it was a playful nip from the begining if a chase wouldnt always seem to break out afterward...
can someone englighten me on the play nips vs the agressive nips
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hmm... does Alex ever give you little "nips"? cause i'd say that could be a good way to decipher their meanings. sometimes my rabbits give me little nips if they are overly excited or if they simply want me to get out of "their" space for the moment hehe. but when they are mad and nip at eachother its not the same little silly nipping they do to me.

perhaps Ryo just needs to get used to Alex's little nipping habit, and once she realizes he means her no harm she'll probably accept that behavior just fine. at least i hope thats the way it goes!

well, hopefully someone else can enlighten you better on the true meaning of the "nips"
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Alex trys to nip me. but i move before he can! he has got me once or twice. it doesnt hurt what so ever but i am pretty ceritin that those nips he is giving me means "leave me alone!"
because he does it if i am bugging him. like petting him when he doesnt want any pettings, etc.
and when he nips he doesnt lunge at me nor ryo, hmmmmm
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My breeder told me nips and digging are ways to tell you they either want attention or are being dominant. As soon as they nip, squeal or a loud OW followed by holding down on the bun's neck firmly will make them know it is not acceptable. You are showing dominance over the bunny, b/c bunny's will do that, lie across the others neck to show dominance. And do not let go till the bun calms down, my bun will fight it and not want to be show as not dominant, and then when she calms down I tell her good girl and give her attention and rubs ...

// k a t ((d)) 猫ちゃん ☆~(ゝ。∂)

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great idea!!! THANKS
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i think nips are harmless... depending - if the bunny nips you in anger or fright, and you did something you shouldn't have (snuck up, made a lot of noise, etc) then you don't punish the bunny, just leave him alone. Charlie only nipped me once in anger after he got in trouble for digging up the carpet when he was younger - i used that same breeder's trick (ps- it works on cats too) and he hasn't "talked back" when he's gotten in trouble since,

if he nips me now, it's play - if he's darting back and forth across the couch and he gets tired of running across my lap, he will try to squeeze behind my back, if i don't move then he nips me - as before, it doesn't hurt and it is kind of funny. it's enough to get your attention.

i've seen him do the same to Daisy (and vice versa) - and they are just playing. the whole dominance thing goes back and forth from day to day between which is dominant - they're like brother and sister, the bossy older brother and the spoiled little sister. he'll get in trouble faster for beating up on her because is bigger, just the same as i'll let her beat up on him a little bit longer since she isn't even half his size. they don't hurt each though

on the other hand - i had a rex bunny (named Rex) for a few months that i got from a friend's uncle who was a breeder. gorgeous black velvet, but he did more than nip. in the end i had to give him back because on one occasion he drew blood biting Charlie and from me as well when i attempted to pull him off Charlie - that hurt me, i could only imagine what it felt like for Charlie
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black velvet

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