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Wink more bunny bonding!!

Well things have gone far from smoothly but im still trying! I spent ages trawling around the net to see if anywherehad any other ideas as they all seem to say the same thing..thank you to the san diego house rabbit society!!

First..every time they fought i put them back in their cages..WRONG..they suggest just water pistol and separating them in the run and calming them and then carry on.
It works MUCH better!

Next..oscar really has had the run of the house..he used to follow our two cats around..he could never master the slipery kitchen floor but leonie taught him! Trouble was although he couldnt get in there..hes used to sitting on a small dirt gripper mat in the doorway by my fridge of course he thinks the kitchen is his!
I am really at my wits end!
THEN thanks to said society it suggested using a playpen..wonderful! We bought a playpen/travel cot off ebay and its soo great!
Yesterday i dug out the pet stroller our elderly cat with kidney failure used last christmas as cat carrir was too cold and painful for her....this was great..i dont drive as im i went up and down our tiny garden and round and round it for half an hour solid!
Then into the playpen..poor lady bun weed herself promptly!
Put in a litter tray..they both used it and they were togehter for nearly half an hour before we decided to put them in their cages as oscar was trying to sleep and kept going for her cos she was trying to sneak up on him. Now i realise i shouldnt have split them up.

But today they were togehter for over 2 hours and im off now for another session..

tip..HUGE pile of hay in the middle and their own litter pans really helps..but make sure theres toys and you have the water pistol full!

wish me luck..

btw..smearing yummy things on one buns head or both..just two very miffed buns waiting to have it washed off!!

Also oscar kept going for her through the we have decided only exercise is them togehter in pen..thatll get em!

I will put up a link later of my 21 year old daughters site and blog..bunny pics and you can compare notes..any thing to pass around any help for this trying phase for all of us!
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Sounds very nice.

Water pistol, huh? No Supersoaker though.
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ask oscar..being a mini may well have been like one!

well they survived another couple of hours..eating together..cept leonie made advances to him all the time..having to eat his food etc..and she got a few clumps of fur removed in the process.
But they did sleep which they didnt feel comfortable doing..the third nap they went out cold...each in their own litter tray..although leonie did roll on the floor and snooze for a while much to oscars amazement..he sniffed her belly and ran off to his litter tray.
When they were bth back in their cages he was kissing her through the bars and cooing to her..
Has anyone else had this it a good sign..i hope he will let go of his terrotorial behaviour soon..she adores him.

My daughters site is not finished but theres enough up there for a quick look at piccies..vids of bunnies..etc

Has anybody got any tried and tested methods to help..
i find it weird cos they dont fight in the stroller..the times ive put them in the cat box to clean them out..and when we first got her after a taxi ride..they have never fought..always stayed close but not smothering.
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when i was trying to get my bunnies bonded, i used to do car rides. I did like 2-3 times a week. It took maybe 1 month or 2 before they got bonded, i used the water spray bottle and everything. Putting raspberry jelly on their foreheads really worked well too!!!
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well i may try the raspberry idea..but car rides arent an epileptic and cant drive! However..using our poor dead puddies pet stroller did calm things down for a while!
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