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More then just territorial!

Sorry to bring this up again, but it is turning into more then territorial droppings. I did a little investigating:

He does not poop anywhere in the house, he goes in his litter box all day and then when I wake up in the morning poop is all over the floor of the cage.

Tonight I did everything as usual and a little while into the night a took a peek into the cage. There was a big pile all together right by his bowl (I guess he was doing that while eating).

This is what Im guessing, he had been making a pile after eating and then by morning from all his running around they scatter around the floor.

He is neutered, I don't know why he would start being dirty like this. I just cleaned his litter box tonight as well so it cant be that...any ideas??
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I know they like to eat while they are going to the toilet.....maybe move his food bowl closer to his litter tray and then he should be happy enough. My girls always move their food bowls closer to their trays to's gross for us but normal for them

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Well, when you think about it, it makes sense. Wild rabbits eat outside the burrow. They also poop outside the burrow so as not to make their house dirty. So it is natural for them to "get it all out" while they are eating, before they go back home. Then if they are in the burrow and need to go, they usually have a tunnel just for a potty room.
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