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My bunny disowned me!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I thought because he was getting older that my bunny was just less active. Something is going on! I have been working more and spending less time with Jellybean, however I always let him out when I get home and put him back in when I go to bed. He gets a lot of running around time eventhough he is lazy and doesnt run around.

Lately, when I let him out and go over to pet him he just doesnt seem to care. Then today I had a treat and he came over to get it and when I pet him he ran away and hid. I dont know what that is about. THe only time I can pet him is when he is in his hutch or hiding under something.

He never comes over to me anymore its really sad. I dont want my bunny to hate me or for him to be afraid of me. THERE IS NO REASON OR HIM TO BE!!

Has anyone dealt with this, does anyone know what to do? I dont know if its because of his age, or because he is a mini lop or because he is neutered. Maybe it is just because he doesnt see me as often.

I am so helpless I dont know what to do!
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My rabbit, Poppy, when young used to run around the apartment, real fast sometimes. He would explore and hang around my shoes. As he got older he just wanted to hide somewhere, that despite regular holding and petting and even me singing (no cracks about my voice).

He is not scared of me as he hangs around me when I have the hallway blocked off; he could find a corner or go under some furniture. He never objects to being picked up and held. But when I put him down he either wants to hide under something, or go back into his cage - the bottom of a three level cage.

I wondered if it is an age thing.
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sorry about that.
my bunny is now adult, and she is spayed. her personallity has not changed, other than she is not eating the wal paper and carpet anymore.
maybe its because you need to spend more time with her.
i know for a FACT that my rabbit is mad at me when i dont get her out or at least 4 hours every single day.
if i work late and she only gets out for 3 hrs, or if i spend the night at my parents and she doesnt get out... i will come home to a wrecked cage, and i mean unsocial bunny who doesnt even want me to touch her for nearly a whole day.
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I have off today from work. I am going to try and spend quality time with Jellybean and see if I see any change in him. Thank you for your responses. I will keep you posted
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Before I had children, I would always find time to pet and play with Thumper. Then, I got pregnant and, the bigger I got, the more tired I got so I spent increasingly more time with my bunny, very often falling asleep with her on the couch. Then, when I gave birth, I had no more time for my bunny at all. Once a week or so, I would force myself so sit down and pet her for 5 minutes, but that was about it. Well, I'm pretty sure that Thumper had a depression. Although she was free to raom around the house all day, she didn't come out of her cage anymore and she didn't seem interested in anything anymore. I spoke about it to my vet and she said it was perfectly normal and that she'd get over it eventually.

Well, my vet was right. Thumper did get over it after a few months and now she seems pretty happy to see me whenever I'm available (which is more often then right after giving birth, but still not as often as before having kids!) So, hopefully, like Thumper, Jellybean will get over it and come to appreciate the time that you do have to spend with her!
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Charlie was like that for a little while. She got really freaked out by me, but one day she just came out of the phase and was back to being her cuddly self. She did change when Caesar passed away though...
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level cage, mini lop

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