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My foster left....

I was writing this and the family adopting him was going to be picking him up Saturday but they called back 30 minutes later asking if they could pick him up now...i said yes of course. The family seemed nice. Freaked me out a little bit that the mom held him by his scruff when he bucked to be let go but at the same were outside loading the car and its better than her letting go of him in the middle of a street because he kicked her hand away.

I feel very jipped. Very.

Apparently the rescue told them i will give ALL they need. I bought his giant $90 cage and his MANY buckets of supplies with my own money. I can understand if they wanted me to give them a starter supplies:food hay hay cubes and treats plus some toys.
I would do that anyway. And throw in more stuff than that too.

But they showed up and asked where the cage is...then listed off things that i told the rescue I bought myself and expecting to get it. I didnt expect the rescue to tell the adopting family they could have everything WITHOUT even mentioning or consulting me about it. I even told them id be keeping some of the supplies and donating some when Stan was adopted in the mail i sent them of his newly decorated bigger cage.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. The father of the family apologized almost 100 times and tried to find a way he could go to the store this late and buy a cage right away. He desperately wanted the rabbit and i didn't understand till i looked over at the SUV.

I dont know about you but when a male over the age of 14 cries its a bit shaking. He was in the car listening threw the cracked window and I swear to god his face dropped. It dropped right off onto the car floor, he rolled up the window and turned around. I swear he was crying. His little sisters didnt get it. They were playing dollies. I dont know how old he was but not much younger me. He didnt look like a girly boy either. Muscular and football player type. It really disturbed me, I felt terrible. Apparently Stanley is going to be mainly the boys rabbit. his last rescue died from a unknown stomach ulcer and threw up blood everywhere almost 2 years ago and he didnt get over it. I guess the parents talked to him and he had been looking over the rescue photos of Stanley for over 2 weeks....

I ended up giving them everything. We all felt terrible and I said F IT. You seem nice in my book. Just take it for Stanley.
Father didnt have to but he gave all the cash and change in his wallet even though I said it was alright. $60. Yup.

Least Stanley got a family...
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Sorry about your experience. That is a scene I would not care to deal with. I guess that is why I have only fostered rabbits that were considered hard to adopt. Now you know what to expect, and can be prepared for the next adoption. Make sure it is clear on the phone before they even meet the rabbit what supplies are included. What an education you got in human behavior! It sure is a strange world!
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is a little "special"
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Awww, Im so sorry hes gone!
Id never be able to give up a bun as cute as Stanley... I guess thats why I dont foster. I was supposed to rehome my latest rescue, but I failed LOL XD
I can tell that he definatly has a wonderful new home though- All the muscular football playing guys at my school probably wouldnt even cry if their pet rabbit died (but bunnies probably arent "manly" enough for them to have one *rolls eyes*) so he must be been a really sweet/sensitive guy to rescue bunners!

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Well ive really laid into the rescue director, the one in charge of telling them Id give them the supplies. Im pretty sure i dented his face inward with my wonderful "WHAT WAS THAT".

He admitted to being sneaky. To telling them about the supplies without asking me. I know he wanted Stanley adopted just like any other rabbit but this is crap.

The conversation somewhat ended when i mentioned that I NEEDED some of the supplies I had to give up. Like half of the toys belonged to both the ferrets and Stanley. The ones Stanley didn't want i gave to the ferrets or rats. They were just all in the same bin for free time and the family wanted all of it. I would have liked to keep some of the hay too! They took my giant bag. I use the hay for rescue hams when they are really shy or pregnant. Its good for them and fun to hide in. Some of the smaller chew blocks were theirs too. UGH. Now I have to go Fn shopping for a CRAP load of toys and chews. And buy more hay.

Director just sat their quietly. Said nothing and had a blank look on his face.
I walked out at that point.
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Wow, what a weird tale! I've never heard of a rescue that made you provide your own cage, much less one that would tell people their fosters would buy supplies for the adopters!

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That is crazy! I am glad he got a home but it's not right for the rescue to have told them that. You are such a good person - I am sure it must have been touching when you saw that boy get upset. I can understand as I have held my big muscular husband as he cried when we lost our bunny Tabby and when we lost our fish Greta. It is very hard. I definitely think you did the right thing - and the person that promised the family all that should give you either money or replacement items!

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I havent talked to the rescue since then. I want nothing to do with the director. I dont think ill be cmpistated at all. *sigh*

Worse is, Im finding out im completely broke right now too.

Watching guys cry is rattling. O_+
Well certain guys, unless you hate their guts and want them too.
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