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Question My rabbit thinks he's a dog!

Hi again everyone, I was just wondering if any of you have a rabbit that licks you. Bob does it all the time(and several other things that proves he is convinced he's a dog! ) When he's running around and I kneel down on the floor, he will come up and lick my knees.He will do it a lot- not just when I'm wearing a certain type of trousers. He also licks my hand when I stroke him too!
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yep bunnies will lick!!! You should feel very is a HUGE sign of affection!!! My bunnies only lick me very occassionally, but because I have more than one (even though they hate each other, they live in the same room) and are quite affectionate with the dog and the cat they don't need me as to speak. When we had an only rabbit he used to lick us like crazy...the licking never stopped, and he used to groom us by pulling our hair out...he dorve us crazy but it was very cute!!! Enjoy your bunny licks!!!

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awww!! thats so cute!
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My rabbits lick all the time. One follows me around the house. One eats out of the cat and dog food bowls if I don't watch her carefully. One would prefer I leave her alone. Each rabbit has its own personality, which is what makes them so fun!
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Thanks guys, that's good to know, I was worried that it might mean that his diet was lacking something. Guess it's just part of his (dog) character!
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Licked too death

I only just replaced my late Rabbit/Cabbit nash-eoke on Sunday, I got a new Rabbit/Cabbit, he is a light grey male with darker ears snout, paws and grey oval on his back.

I have had him on the bottom left hand part of my bed sleeping allready, I blew the candles out and he still found me in the pitch black and he proceeded to lick me, I lit the candles again and he just would not stop licking me, even if I moved my arms he would just follow them, being in bed lying on my back I just snuffed the candles again, and he sniffed me out and started licking me face and pulling my hair out, it took me ages to get my hair as long as it is and Schneeball is pulling it out and Chewing it Lol Ha Ha,

It doesn't stop there he has been licking the bed and licking my jeans when I sit down, he jumps up onto my lap and onto my bed allready with encouragement and sits on top of his hutch.

I only got him two days ago and he is practicaly tame allready, seeing him so active as he is, it makes me wonder because I got Nash-eoke much younger than Schneeball and he was never so energetic, playfull and friendly, Nash-oeke must have been sick since the very day he was born till the day he died

When a Rabbit/Cabbit licks, this surely has to be good news,

Schneeball aproaches with his tounge hanging out.

=^ u ^=

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My rabbit lives in our house. He licks everything! Me, my partner, his wooden things in his house, even the carpet.

I thought that when he licked me and my partner it was because he liked the small amount of salt we all have in our skin. But if it's a sign of affection thats brilliant!
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my buns never done that she just bites me instead!! hopefully she will be happier when i get her spayed! *fingers crossed* In the meantime i am going to try out some "over dominance essence" it's like a herbal flower remedie. you can use it to calm any animal, mouse to horse! fingers crossed again lol.
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Don't worry ZOOkeepa your bun should calm down once you have her spayed.

My rabbit was terrible, he would charge and bite me whenever I tried to handle him. I had hime spayed earlier this year and now he's a little softie, loves attention and licks everying.

Good luck!
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Yay! Thanks muttley that's very encouraging!!! whoo
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