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Naughty Rabbits

I am really starting to get concerned about my rabbits behaviour. Both rabbits refuse to come near me and when I go to get them out the bite and growl I am really getting upset about it now. What can I do to help them be more friendly?
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I need some more info before I can help. How old are your rabbits? Where did they come from? How long have you had them? What are their sexes and are they spayed/neutered? Have they always been this way or did this just start?
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Also how do you cage them? And how much out of the cage time do they get each day? And what do you do if they bite and growl at you?

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Some rabbits (females especially, and it is more common in certain breeds) can be pretty territorial of their cages. They will growl and lunge if you reach in. Dwarf breeds tend to have this behaviour more than other breeds, but any breed can have it. Spaying or neutering the rabbit often helps a lot. Also, when you take the rabbit out of the cage, offer it a treat and pet it gently on the head. Avoid touching the hind end as much as possible. That is where rabbits nip at other rabbits to tell them they are the boss (and to start fights), whereas the head is the area rabbits will groom each other to say they are friends. Teach them in this way that you are a friend and that coming out of the cage and being held is enjoyable.
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