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need question answered

Please? Could someone tell me what they use in the litter pan to litter train your bunnies? no where am I finding what to use. do I use regular kitty litter or what? Thanks in advance for the answers.
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I use something called All Pet Pine- Healthy Pet Bedding (Comes in a hot pink bag). It absorbes a lot, keeps odor down and is not harmful to my bun! Here is a link:

I also put hay on top of the bedding because rabbits tend to go to the bathroom while they eat. Putting hay in the litterbox allows this to be okay.
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I use corncob. Just be sure to never use clumping kitty litter, bunnies often eat their litter and it could clump in the stomach causing major problems.
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I wouldn't use kitty litter, at all, just because rabbits don't usually dig to use the bathroom, like cats do, so what's the point?

Your best bet is what has already been mentioned -- or regular shavings (not cedar, though!), depending on what kind of cage your rabbit has and whether or not you are already using shavings for bedding. I've even heard of people using strips of newspaper.
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I use Aspen shavings and I also put timothy hay on top...I've found putting hay in the litterbox makes littertraining easier.


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i use Carefresh, its a paper mulchy litter. Very healthy for them and dust free. i buy at this at PetValu, I havent seen it at a PetSmart.
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For me Carefresh has often smelled bad when wet, but it definitely a good litter.
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I've used newspaper in the past, and unless you are there to clean it every time your rabbit pees, they won't go in it again. It just doesn't absorb like a litter does. I use a recycled newspaper litter, and have never put hay in their tray but I know it can help if your bun really want to eat while going to the toilet.
My rabbits like to lie in their tray's so I like to use something that absorbs really well, that way they don't get stinky.
And millimi is right, don't use a clumping litter, it can cause problems cause they will digest it.
Rabbits won't dig to cover their own mess, like cats do (or some cats, my cat stratches the plastic and thinks that covers his mess) but mine will dig in their litter, just for the fun of it

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we use fine pine shavings and it work's realy well
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great! thanks for all the helping answers. I guess my best bet is to start with one and go from there and see which it is that she prefers. Right now she has been getting out time in my extra bathroom as I have a problem with her wanting to eat what the parrots throw out on the floor. ie: sunflower seeds, pellets, nuts, etc. and while she is doing this she is grabbing the carpet and tugging at it. So to rectify her not get social time in there hubby is going to build her a playpen with a ceramic or tile bottom about 3 x 3 so that she can play in there wth them and watch tv like she was doing. They have their own tv and it is on cartoons and learning shows for kids all day. Then in late afternoon I join in there with them and am there until bedtime for them which is around 9 pm. She acts like she misses it. But what really puzzles me is yesterday she kept getting in the tub. how I have no clue but we fished her out about 3 times. also yesterday I know I have to watch Sacha, he is jealous of her. He flew to the sofa while she was in my lap getting her time. And he trys to get to her when she is in her pen. In a way it is like two little kids. The other parrots do not pay her any mind much. Birdie pets her ears, and Paulie plays with her on the floor. Blusher trys to nip her and the other 3 just ignore her. Other than Sammie trying to feed her. Should be interesting as she gets bigger. I have no clue what type of rabbit she is other than sweet. And she is plenty of that and very active. Anyway thanks everyone. Trust me I will be back with more questions
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I use a brand called yesterdays news.. its recelyed news paper pellets.. its very safe for buns.. I even use the paper bags from the grocery store ( I stock up alot) and I cut them up for lining in the litterpan so that when i see pea or poop I can flip it so that buns always have nice clean bottoms.

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I would suggest corn cob over pine litter, for one thing It has no smell, and obsorbs the odors and mess well. and I've found that it's cheapest!
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aspen shavings, corn cob, kitty litter, litter pan, litter train, pine shavings, sunflower seeds, timothy hay

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