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New bonding--and pooping!

Hey bun lovers,

10 days ago I got a new friend for my 1.5-yr-old female dwarf mix. the new guy is a young (I estimate 7 months?) rex male. (Of course, both are spayed/neutered.)

The bonding is going exceptionally well. They liked each other pretty much right off the bat, though she was/is obviously much more dominant and had to nip him and mount him here and there the first couple of days, to show him who's boss. That behavior seems to have stopped, and now she grooms him (which he just loves) and they seem to be getting along great.

On about day 4 or so, however, it seems both buns (who were both excellent with their litter boxes before) started marking (mostly poop, occasional pee). It is mostly in an area NEAR the litterbox (but, of course, not IN the box). I have heard that litterbox habits can drop off a bit after bonding, but generally do get back to normal. It just seems weird they are doing this when all else is going so well. Even my normally very reserved female has become more friendly and docile since the arrival of the male. All seems good, so why the marking?

Hope no one minds a new thread about bonding and marking. I have read the other posts about bonding but I haven't really found any info particular to my situation.

PS: Thank God bunny poops are EASY to clean up!

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When I bonded my Male & Female pair (he is also a Rex and submissive LOL) they to did the poops everywhere and a few pees. i cleaned them up making sure to put everything into the litter box, I also gave them two litter boxes just in case they didn't want to share (which was never a problem). After a couple weeks things went back to normal.

I do still have poop/pee marking outside the cage, but it's because of all the other bunnies I have. Now that everyone is getting used to not being the only bunny (everyone but Baby) the poops are less outside the cages.
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I have mine bonded since Sept. and my male is very good about his potty box but the female likes to let everyone know what is hers. She will just leave one or two but she still does it. I don't know if it ever goes away completely. One day they will both be great and then the next they aren't. Don't worry though I think it does get better
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AndreaS15, I remember your "boys of summer" pics from last summer! So cute!

Thank you, guys, for responding. I have put down another smaller box and my female took to it. She is being a bit of a bee-atch and I think maybe she wants something all to herself. Silly wabbits!
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PS: There is still poop outside the boxes, even with the 2nd one.
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Are you sure they are not kicking it out when they jump out of the box? I have seen my buns do that. I always find coco puffs outside the box but it's on linoleum so I just wipe it off with clorox anywhere. I love that stuff!
As long as they don't piddle outside the box or poo all over the room I am happy.

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Hi kathydip,

No, they are not kicking it out. Well, maybe the normal 1 or 2 pieces, but not all of it. I've witnessed the poops being "placed" there, ha.

Oy, maybe they want "his & her" boxes? How romantic!

I AM also grateful it is not pee all over. Ick!

"coco puffs?" Hahahaha!
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Most of my buns poop outside of the litter box. I had Ani litter trained so she never left a poop anywhere but in the litter box, but when I bonded her with Bo.... well ya that went out the window LOL
Poops I can handle, i have a brrom and dust pan but pee spots everywhere drives me nuts, i have 1 boy who refuses to litter train no matter what. (Lucky me)
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litter box, litter boxes, litter train, litter trained

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