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New here. with a bunny question.

Hello, I am new to this. I'm not sure if I recently posted a "thread" but I can not seem to find it. !! Anyway, my rabbit has maloccluded teeth and I need to get them trimmed. They are not too bad, yet. But, I was just wondering how much does it cost to be seen at a rabbit savy vet? and if anyone has had the same problem, how much does it usually cost to get his teeth clipped? He's in perfectly good health, just his teeth. Oh well, he's too cute.
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sorry i lve in uk so cant quote pricesl...but i suggest you ring around a few vets in your area to see how much they charge..BUT make sure they do NOT clip them..they can split or become infected and get down to the root and jaw..
make sure they say they "burr" them off its much safer and less traumatic for the bunny.
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I would think the cost at the vets office would depend on the area. I am near Philly and I called around. I was quoted prices of 50-75 dollars for a visit to the vet. I had contacted the local branch of the Rabbit House Society who recommended a wonderful rabbit savy vet. I absolutely LOVE him and I am always pleasantly surprised at the total when I leave. I had my bunnies teeth done and it was worth it! She ate so much more once they were done.

Oh and the follow up visits that I expected to pay the 50.00 visit charge were always less than that. I was written up as follow ups and I think the most I was charged for an office visit after the initial visit was $29.00 plus the cost of whatever meds or things they were doing to her that day. I am also not always charged an office visit fee. She's a mess though so that is a different story. Her teeth are the least of her problems!
Oh well like you said they are too cute and sweet and worth all the trips to the vets office!

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Thank you for that info. I found some rabbit vets here. I will call around now! I heard about the humane society having free visits for newly adopted that true? I adopted mine from a pet store. I hate pet stores since they commercialize animals as if toys for kids of any age. But i couldn't resist, bunni was so cute. I wish i could have bought all of them, i felt bad for them and all the animals in pet stores in those small cages. ugh......=(
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Princess Midnight had maloccluded teeth. Her two bottom teeth literally were growing up into her nose like tusks! I chose to have the teeth completely removed, not clipped, because when they are clipped/burred you have to keep getting it done every few weeks/months as the teeth continue to grow long again.

To me, continued visits every few weeks to have them trimmed would be traumatic to my bun, as well as expensive -- not only the cost of the visits/trimming, but also the gas that it takes for me to get to the nearest bun-savvy vet (50-60 miles each way)!!

Anyways, although I could only see the bottom two teeth growing up out of her mouth, when the vet was extracting them he asked what I wanted to do with the two top teeth! I'm like, "what's wrong with them?" He told me that they were growing like tusks also, except they were growing sideways (one left and one to the right)!!

So Midnight does not have her four front teeth and is now eating like a horse!! LOL! She eats all of the same foods that she ate before (pellets, carrots, apples, raisins, lettuce, etc ...) with no trouble at all. Like I said, she's eating even more now that those teeth are out of the way!

So, this is also an option you may want to consider. My vet charged about $25 per tooth which seems like a hefty sum off the top, but over the long term I saved myself a lot of money 'cause now I won't have to deal with maloccluded teeth anymore ya know? (knock on wood) :-)

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my bunny Thimble has to get her back teeth trimmed every 6 months cause they grow in all jagged into her gums i usually have it done with a physical. this costs about $40 where i'm at in Connecticut. none of the humane socities where i live give anything like vet visits free. they don't even neuter or spay rabbits!!! but i guess they are pretty swarmed here so it's understandable. anyway- you might try a small animal clinic. thats where i take mine, and the vet seems to be more leniant with charges since its a smaller clinic and they know the customers pretty well after a few visits. hope you can find a good bunny vet too!
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my vet actually specializes in domesticated farm animals - he of course does dogs and cats, but he does house calls on cows, horses, pigs, you name it. he neuters boy buns for $75 (i'm not sure about does), and he clips their nails for $6 and that includes a quick check-up as well. i'm not sure what he would cost for problem teeth, but he's the kind that would be fair about making payments if it was expensive
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Mimi thank you so much for telling me about your experience. That really really helped. And all the prices given helped since i can kind of think about whether the vet is in it for the money or for the love. I found about 4 vet clinics that are rabbit savy. with everyones info i hope i'll make a good decision on which vet to choose. Thanks again mimi. I can now go in and ask about my many options. I love this site, you all are so helpful!
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Well, rabbits are considered exotic, so I'd say 40 dollars a visit, that's how much I'm charged with my rats.
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The clinic I work for charges $30 for an office visit which includes exam, but if you don't want the exam, just the teeth clipping, it's $5.00 Doesn't matter if it's rabbit, rodent, or chinchilla
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Originally Posted by Chinchilla_Girl
The clinic I work for charges $30 for an office visit which includes exam, but if you don't want the exam, just the teeth clipping, it's $5.00 Doesn't matter if it's rabbit, rodent, or chinchilla
Please note, the above price does not include sedation...If they need to be sedated to be trimmed, you're looking at a $30 sedation fee. I have a chinchilla that has to have her bottom teeth trimmed once every 2 months, but she's so used to being handled and having it done, we don't need to sedate her for it.
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