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Question new problems litter tray wise

ok so we noticed that although the dog crate was bigger than cages was getting too cramped for oscar and bif..and he missed his little bunny we got a bigger crate
this ones meant for german shepard or rottweiler dogs!! Its mazing..but had to lay it out different due to returning oscars armchair..but they seemed fine with the litter pans at one end...
well whilst changing crates over and cleaning it al etc..the workman turned up outside and fixed the doorstep access for nikkis wheelcahir..well...bif was soooo scared she weed and ran weeing..bless her..
she calmed down but even in the old crate she pooped guesing its scent marking and she wants to be boss cos she does major poops and wees in tray.But we did keep finding odd little puddles next to or right outside litter tray..oscar has done this a few times when he was down.
Tonight bif has gone nuts..she normally loves clambering over oscars armchair..but as i was coming up to bed i noticed not only had she weed on the floor once..but shed covered everywhere in poop. Nikki collected poops and placed them in litter pan.
As she left the room Bif got into oscars armchair and peed on it..looks like shes done it a few times this evening.
normally shes a good bun..i trust her out the cage more than i do him.
Her wees pungent..but only in a bunny way..and theres a trace of calcium on the blanket she weed on..but shes eating drinking and being her usual nutty self..
she will not let oscar hump her for dominance..she obviously thinks shes boss...but im worried now the new crates set her right back again or started new problems..
they each have a very large triangular high back litter pan..and now im wondering if theyd make better use of a double litter pan ive seen as they do try and use one together a lot and use each others all the time.
Have i pushed bif too far..i feel awful but with the hot weather we are due to get..they need space when confined..and during the rest of the time they nap on the lounge carpet..on the sete etc...and so far no accidents there..any tips/ideas on how i can put it right..or do you think she may have a bladder thinking territory..what do you reckon?
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