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Salamander Burgermuffin
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hi, we got a rabbit on the 22 and think hes about 2 months old.. well as to not repeat everything heres a link to my intro post..
We were told hes a Checkerd Giant Mix, mixed with what, ive no clue.
anyway i have a few questions i was hoping you all could help me with.
Food - how much should we be feeding him? The food we got for him is called L'avian Plus Premium Rabbit food someone posted that the seeds in this are not good for him, why is this? when we first put a scoop in his dish it seems the first thing he does is pick out the seeds and dried veggies, then eats the pellets. weve also been giving him some alfalfa hay which he also loves. can we feed him too much food/hay? i mean, will he over eat and make himself sick? how much food/hay do you all give your rabbits? also, where do you get it from? theres not really a pet store close to here, the closest is in weatherford, which is like 45 mins away. so far we've gotten all our supplies at Walmart or Atwoods.

Bonding- any tips to help us bond with our rabbit? or to get him comfortable with being pickedup/ held? hes seems not to mind being held too much, but he doesnt like being picked up, any suggestions? also, what should we do if/when he bites? hes given us both a couple lil nibbles, never broken skin or really hurt us tho, ive read that if he bites to hard you should make a high pitched noise, does this work? ive also read about using a spray bottle with water, but getting him wet doesnt seem like a good idea to me?

Vetcare - Do rabbits need shots or anything? i've searched the net a bit and havent found anything about vetcare for rabbits, besides the many reasons to get them spay/neuter, also when is the best window of time to do this? we do not plan on getting another rabbit (well not for awhile anyway ) so its not a matter of having unplaned litters, more so for the rabbits health.

Toys - ive been very disapointed while looking for rabbit type toys at stores, whats your rabbits favorite toys? ive read that rabbits like grass mats, how can you tell if there safe to give to them?

well, thats all for now, im sure i'll think of more
many thanks in advance
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As for your question about toys, I've found that my rabbit's favourite thing to play with is toilet paper rolls.. she bats them around and chews on them. She also enjoys destroying grass mats.

Commercial toys for rabbits are hard to find - I have a "knotty nibbler" - Most of my girl's toys are cat toys (as long as they don't come with catnip!) - I have jingly balls, a stuffed toy, and a roller with balls in it...
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here is a thread giving info on rabbits, In the second reply i put a lot of websites for toys and other stuff

Good site for info is

Good luck
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Salamander Burgermuffin
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alfalfa hay, pet store, rabbit food

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