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Hey everyone!

I am new to this forum, and also a new bunny owner. This is my first bunny and I have a question regarding feedings. Do I leave food out for him 24/7, or do rabbits do better with a feeding schedule? I've had him for a week and I've been leaving a bowl of food (pellets) in his cage, along with hay. I've noticed that he nibbles a lot throughout the day. Is this normal, or do rabbits only need to eat a couple times per day? I don't want him to get too fat by eating too much. Also, are carrots a bad thing? I always thought that rabbits and carrots go hand in hand, but I heard someone say that too many aren't good. I've been giving him 2 baby carrots per day. What other veggies are healthy for them?

Your help is appreciated.
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First off, welcome to Paw-Talk!

How old is he? For a younger rabbit, leaving pellets in the cage all day is usually ok. But if he's older, that could lead to obesity. As long as he has unlimited access to hay, limiting the pellets to one or two feedings is fine.

As for the carrots, I wouldn't recommend feeding many to a baby rabbit--maybe a small slice once a week or so. An older rabbit can have more, but because carrots have a lot of sugar you should restrict them to being a once or twice a week treat. The best vegetables to feed are leafy greens such as romaine lettuce and carrot greens . Just avoid iceberg lettuce and don't feed too much kale or spinach (they're very rich in calcium). You can also give small amounts of other veggies like broccoli, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Rabbits also enjoy herbs and grasses (alfalfa sprouts, parsley, mint, basil, cilantro, clovers, dandelions, etc.).

Here's a nice list:

That website also has a lot of other articles that you might find useful.


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Hello Earthling
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Welcome the forum

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Welcome to the forum!
I don't have a bunny,so I can't offer advice.Just wanted to welcome you.

* Lisa *

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Thanks for the welcome! My bun is only a couple months old, so he's still a baby. If I keep plenty of hay in his cage at all times and then feed him pellets 3x per day, would this be ok? When I leave a bowl of pellets in his cage all the time it seems like he is always eating! And the poop is horrible -- tons of it! I have to clean out his cage twice a day. But yesterday I tried feeding him the pellets only 3x and the poop was more manageable. I certainly don't want to starve him though. If I need to leave his food bowl in at all times 'till he gets older I will.
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Don't restrict his food to lessen his poops! Bunnies poop a lot, it's just their nature. Once he's older and neutered, he'll be easier to litterbox train, but their digestive systems are set up to be working all the time.

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Sounds like he is about the same age as mine Luckily Holly is soooooort of litterbox trained - there is one inside his cage that he uses always for urine and almost always for poop, but the one outside his cage he isn't that great with. (I can just vacuum up the poop though, thank god.) He has a bowl in his cage that always has pellets in it and he just nibbles on them whenever he wants, though as he gets older I'll give him a specific amount each day and start giving vegetables as well - I have given him a few dandelions and bits of carrot peel but atm just waiting for him to grow up some more. He's still my fluffy baby at ten and a half weeks, the darling. And of course he gets as much hay as he wants - I put more in his cage pretty often, and there are scraps of it on the carpet as well because I'd rather have hay all over my floor for him to chew on than have him eat the carpet. (Luckily he hasn't really chewed the carpet since I layed down cardboard over his favourite area, but we'll see how that goes...)

Luckily I do not mind my bedroom smelling of hay and rabbit.
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Welcome to the forum. Im pretty new here too and everyone is really nice and always helpful.
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