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Question Newbie with bunny

Hi all,
VERY new to bunny owning.. yea yea I know BAD mommy to get bunny before doind any serious research! Actually it was an early birthday present from my kids! I had wanted to help out Gainsville Bunny Rescue and foster a bunny, but see my hubby is over seas for a while longer and I can not make a huge decision like that without him... BUT behind my back the kids asked if they could get me a bunny, so he sent them money and they had a friend drive em to the store and GOT me one!!! LOL Sneaky kids! Anyway, she is a beautiful little baby, well at least I "think" she... I TRIED to check against some pictures online, and well.... like I said I "THINK".... I do have a question though.... I have only had her since Saturday and starting Sunday evening she has started to rub her chin on my fingers, and Monday she started licking my hands, arm, whatever like I seriously need a bath Does this mean she is bonding with me and I am on the right track with her?? I was laying on the floor with her tonight inside a pen I made for her floor play time. I was not moving, just allowing her to get to know me a little better... she was grinding her teeth in my ear... not hard, just a soft grind, almost like a purr sound... but I know it was teeth grinding not purring..... what does that mean???? Lost on this one and would like some assistance...

Thank you
Stacey and new bunny Cocoa (maybe)
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The "purring" and the licking of your arm are both good signs that your bunny likes you, trusts you, and is bonding with you. The best way to make sure of your bunny's gender is to go to the vet, as you need to anyways since it needs its check up. Regardless of male or female, you should neuter/spay your bunny to curb agressive behavior and make sure no baby bunnies "arrive."
The best thing to do is go to your nearest book store, or order these online, and get some rabbit info books. Your rabbit savvy vet can also help you with more info as well as
Good luck!
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Welcome to PT!!

As Natalie said, those are great signs and is a really good place to start as far as researching.

Good luck with your new bunny!


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sounds like youre her fave human...and that indeed a purr!
As others have must read up..because this lovely little thing will soon enough become a bunny in puberty..and like so many other folk you may be shcoked and think its the bunnyfromhell and rehome her without realisng there are ways of coping..
Also you need to be up on buny health..its a long haul but its worth it..i still research and im on 4th bunny..trying to bond her to my other two buns are at rainbow bridge..
Its good to learn body language..i recommend..
the language of lagomorphs
but the guy responsible for the site isnt a lop owner so lop owners have to compare notes!

Sounds like youre off to a flying start and i wish you well..bunny love is very rewarding indeed..and sooo cute!
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Bunnies "mark" their territory by rubbing their chins on things that they consider to be theirs! My one boy goes through my house marking every item of furniture and everything in between. It basically means she has accepted you as hers!!!
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Thanks for the advice! I am talking to vets now and seeing who I like the best for the bunny. I have a giant breed dog, so I do understand fully interviewing different vets and seeing who is best for me and the bunny!!! Thankfully there are quite a few experienced vets in this area!!! A silly question that I am sure I know the answer, but just double checking.... I built a huge pen attached to her cage where she is allowed free play time when I am home and awake. So pretty much all day long she has full access to the pen..... Well she goes through CRAZY spurts of energy... she will run like crazy around the pen and just completly spaz out. Now if I ignore her silliness, she will run a few times and stop... but if I laugh at her she gets crazier! Is she doing this cause she is happy? And our laughter just intensifies her feelings? It seems that the more attention she gets the more she will spaz out... seems like a very very smart creature with one heck of a sense of humor!

Also she will nibble on my fingers, if she nibbles to hard I will squeak at her and gently pull my hand away, is this the right thing to do? How can I get her to allow me to pet her so she won't run away and what is the best way to stop her from chewing on clothing if I am in pen with her? So may questions, sorry.... but like I said, I want her as happy as I can possibly make her and I want her to have a happy forever home!!! I am seriously thinking when I get past the "teen aged" months/years? to work as a foster mom and help out with rescue bunnies.... Man I am so in love with this ball of fur!!!!
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Yes that spaz thingie is pure delight!!!Along time ago.......our first bunny started running circles around my feet.....literally it took me forever to find out what that meant......she was in all your research remember to keep coming back here.....this is a great place to learn from even if we don't always on your new found love......
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This is another outdated thread...the poster hasen't been on paw-talk since 2006

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baby bunnies, rabbit savvy vet

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