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nishi thinks her litterbox is her bed...

so...yeah...nishi seems to think her litterbox is her bed. she sits in it all the time. the problem is, she sits in it right after she poos...and then she gets all dirty, and she really doesn't like me cleaning it off, and it's a hassle for me because she doesn't like it... so I guess my question is if there is something I can do to encourage her to lay somewhere else...would getting another litter box and putting her litter in there help any? or maybe moving her litter box? or her hay(I have a hay thingy hooked on the outside in front of her litterbox so she can eat and poo at the same time)?

also...I just made her a cage out of nic...and it's pretty big for just her, which is good because I'm not around as much this semester. it even has a second level...she doesn't seem to go up there much, though...I don't want to force her to go up there...but I would like her to go up there...any suggestions?
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Your rabbit sounds like my Harry!!! He is sooo filthy because he poops and then sits on it. There's really nothing to do about it except clean the litter boxes as much as possible and maybe even add a second one so Nishi goes in both, but each one will have a smaller amount of poo in it...
And about the second story, if your bunny is crazy about some kind of toy or treat, show it to her, then place it on the second story. A little bribery never hurt anyone.
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i enclosed the top level of my rabbits' cages with a sheet. the bottom is open so they can see everything, but the top is like a den or a cave or something. they didn't ever go "upstairs" until i did that. but they still prefer the bottom level. but if they get bored or want to be hidden they will flop down on the top floor.hehe.
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litter box, litter boxes

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